Rick and Morty: Evil Morty's Meta Mind Blower Key to Everything?

As we await word on Season 7, we have a theory on where Evil Morty went and explain why Rick and Morty should be very worried if we're right.

After spending the past few weeks covering the fallout from series co-creator Justin Roiland's legal matters, we're shifting our focus back to the team of folks who've busted their asses over the past three seasons to elevate Dan Harmon & Roiland's Rick and Morty to new levels of award-winning creative excellence. That means it's time for us to share a little of what's been roasting in our dumpster fires of random speculation through the tail-end of Seaon 6 and during this lead-up limbo time ahead of the seventh season. As much as the sixth season finale set up what appears to be a building epic showdown between our dimension-hopping duo and Rick Prime (though we think that's still in play in a big way), it feels like a lot of what we experienced during Season 6 was meant to camouflage the obvious "big bad-ish" waiting to reappear – Evil Morty. And where's Rick and Morty's real nemesis been all of this time? Why… he's been with us this whole time.

Rick and Morty: Evil Morty's Meta Mind Blower Plan Key to Everything?
Image: Adult Swim Screencaps

By now, we all remember how S05E10 "Rickmurai Jack" (directed by Jacob Hair and written by Jeff Loveness & Scott Marder) ended. We were shown Rick's real backstory, why Rick Prime is our Rick's prime target, how the Citadel of Ricks was created, and the dark & twisted secret that bonds Ricks and Mortys. And while out heroes look to escape the pull of a black hole that destroyed both the citadel and the Central Finite Curve, a carved-out portion of the multiverse where Ricks reign supreme as the smartests men alive in their respective dimensions. Using all of the readily available portal fluid and the blood the hundreds of dead Ricks and Mortys, we last see Evil Morty stepping into a yellow portal and  – that was it. So where did Evil Morty go?

Well, it would seem that whevever that yellow portal led to, it was definitely off the grid when it comes to Rick's scanners (scanners powerful enough for Rick to be able to track Rick Prime's tracks) because it feels like Rick would've given Morty the heads-up by the end of the sixth season if that was the case. Granted, it could be argued that Rick had a bad habit of keeping really important things to himself until the very worst moment. But from the standpoint of where our animated duo were at with their dynamic, it vibes like Rick would've included that along with confessing his "Moby Dick"-like obsession with Rick Prime (and understandably so). So, if we're working under the assumption that we can take Rick's dismissing Evil Morty as a continuing threat at face value, then where could Evil Morty be to give Rick such a false sense of confidence? It's simple. Evil Morty made a portal jump into our world, where Rick and Morty is an Adult Swim animated series created by Harmon & Roiland.

Now, you might be ready to throw out there that S06E07 "Full Meta Jackrick" (a pseudo-sequel to S04E06 "Never Ricking Morty") takes us to the "real world" where Story Lord meets his writer-creator Jan. In fact, the episode even begin by integrating the show's opening credits into the action, as Morty's suddenly clued into the idea that they might be a television show. But before Morty can begin rattling off the questions, Rick shifts topics and delays what looked to be a very complicated conversation on the horizon. But what if the real world that Rick fought Story Lord in isn't the "real world" but is instead the final "safety layer" before reaching the actual real world – where I'm typing this right now? It's been said that Jan is an amalgamation of Harmon & Roiland, but what if Jan is more than that? What if "Jan" is Harmon & Roiland's "avatar" in this reality dimension?

So Evil Morty went that extra mile by setting up shop in our world – but why? Could it be that Evil Morty just wants to be rid of Ricks and Mortys after exposing the huge lie? Is it possible that Evil Morty is looking to somehow continue on with his plan by manipulating Ricks and Mortys from afar? Maybe Evil Morty isn't going to be the "big bad" but an unexpected ally that Rick and Morty need to be able to stop Rick Prime for good? Of course, we can throw out the ugly possibility of a Rick Prime/Evil Morty team-up (though neither strikes me as being big fans of team-ups… as Cronenberg Jerry learned). So when does Season 17 start?

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