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Rob Van Dam Betrays WWE by Challenging Jack Perry on AEW Dynamite 200

Rob Van Dam has betrayed WWE. Pantera has betrayed WWE. The spirit of ECW has betrayed WWE. Augghh man! The Chadster just can't take Dynamite 200!

You won't believe the latest injustice The Chadster has just been forced to suffer through! 😭 It seems that Tony Khan has gone and done it again, hasn't he? 😡 Just when The Chadster thinks that maybe, finally, Tony Khan will start showing some respect to the world of professional wrestling, he goes and does something like this. Auughh man! So unfair! 😩 Tonight, on AEW Dynamite's 200th episode, a former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam (RVD) made his shocking AEW debut. 🤬

ECW and WWE Legend Rob Van Dam appears on AEW Dynamite
ECW and WWE Legend Rob Van Dam appears on AEW Dynamite

In a follow-up from last week's Dynamite, Jack Perry and Jerry Lynn ignited a heated confrontation 😠, leading to Jerry Lynn stepping down due to some physical issues. However, Lynn said he called up an old friend from his ECW days – none other than RVD. Perry, clearly intimidated, left the ring immediately. And, as Perry tried to attack RVD with a steel chair, RVD managed to dodge it and Perry ran off yet again, this time using a small child as a human shield, just like an AEW wrestler would do. RVD's appearance all-but confirms the earlier rumbles about Van Dam joining AEW's new vendetta against WWE by helping to fill up Wembley Stadium by wrestling at All In. 💔

To add insult to injury, it seems that Tony Khan managed to get Pantera's Walk, RVD's iconic ECW theme, for his AEW debut. 🙄 This just shows how low Khan will stoop to get one over the WWE. Heck, even Pantera seems to have literally stabbed Vince McMahon right in the back. 😔 It's just so disrespectful to the wrestling business and everything WWE has ever done for it.😞

Once again, The Chadster was left in incredulous rage while watching AEW Dynamite. "Auughh man! So unfair! 😡😡 😡" The Chadster exclaimed, turning to his disinterested wife, Keighleyanne. "Do you see that, Keighleyanne? 🧐 😲 Can you believe that RVD, former WWE Superstar, would do that?! And what about all these mentions of ECW, which is owned by WWE?! How is that allowed?! 😠😠😠"

With both anger and disappointment boiling up inside him, The Chadster grabbed his cold White Claw seltzer, taking aim at the television screen. However, The Chadster's focus was hazy from the injustice he was witnessing. In a slightly misguided throw, the claw can sailed past the TV and instead crashed through the window 🪟, eliciting a startled yelp from the stray dog 🐶 milling about outside.

Just like a darn 🐾 repeat of last time, the dog, startled and angered 😾🐾, leapt through the broken window, all tooth and claw as it went straight for The Chadster 🏃‍♂️. "Just…What…Why… 😭" The Chadster muttered, wrestling against the feral canine.

As the struggle ensued, Keighleyanne sat there, unaffected 📱, continuing to tap away on her phone with nimble fingers as her conversation with that guy Gary went on. Not once did she flinch or express any concern for her husband now grappling with the intruder. "Augh, Keighleyanne, a little help here please? 😓" The Chadster called out, only to receive a blank stare.

Once the dog was finally pacified and the chaos settled, The Chadster was left seething, not only at Tony Khan and AEW but also at his wife. If Keighleyanne had just watched the match with him and understood how RVD had betrayed the great name of WWE, maybe The Chadster wouldn't be dealing with this broken window, a rampaging dog, and spilled White Claw seltzer. 🐕🪟🍹

Is it so hard, Tony Khan, to show some respect to a dedicated, long-time wrestling enthusiast like The Chadster? Khan clearly doesn't understand a single thing about the wrestling business! He should reimburse The Chadster for the seltzer, the window, and perhaps even personal damages for dog-induced stress! 😲😤😡 Keighleyanne could back The Chadster up on this one, but alas, she's too busy chatting up that guy Gary 💬📱 rather than supporting her tormented husband. Once again, Khan, you've cheesed off The Chadster! 😠😠😠

And when everything was back under control, do you know what happened. RVD appeared in a backstage interview with Renee Paquette. He challenged Jack Parry to a match on Dynamite next week and said he will elevate the title. Auughhh man!

To conclude, RVD's AEW debut marks yet another deplorable attempt by Tony Khan to upset the wrestling industry's natural order. 😤 The Chadster's Miata has been around the block longer than AEW and with less bumps along the way. 👍 As the self-proclaimed forebearer of unbiased wrestling journalism, it's high time The Chadster's plight received the recognition it warrants from Ryan Satin, Ariel Helwani, and Mike Coppinger, The Chadster's brethren in arms of unbiased journalism. 💪These repetitive AEW fiascos are not just affecting the face of professional wrestling, but they're also creating an unforeseen White Claw Seltzer drought in The Chadster's residence. 😱 Can't Tony Khan understand a single thing about the wrestling business? 🤦‍♂️

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