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Sailor Moon, Hunter x Hunter & More: 5 Not-So-Popular Anime Opinions

Anime has always been my safe haven, and while it might seem I always favor it… I totally do. That said, though, it does not mean I am blind toward the moments that might be a bit worthy of a raised eyebrow or a cringe or two, nor does it mean that I do not understand why it might not be everyone's cup of tea. This will be a little journey of unfair incline to one of the best forms of animation while trying to be self-aware. We shall explore some anime moments and strong opinions on them.

After a heated discussion with a friend, I got called out for my opinions on a famous animated movie while turning a blind eye to anime simply because it is anime. And yes, I will pretty much excuse any wacky storyline that anime throws at me because it is anime, and it is the most aesthetically pleasing form of animation for me. I just get lost in the characters, the magic, and the stories, and that makes it easier to let some details slide. However, that does not mean I will not feel uncomfortable about some of my favorite anime that might have moments where it makes me wonder how they even could air. I mean, how did my parents not call me out for watching and loving Ranma 1/2 as much as I do? I try not to think too deeply about certain questions that arise when I start examining certain moments.

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"Sailor Moon": My biggest issue with the anime is, honestly, Tuxedo Mask. I might love Mamoru, but man the king of fucking one-liners. Like is there something you can actually do? Are you good at anything? The love might have become time and space, but man, will I ever be able to truly feel for their romance? I think Sailor Moon Crystal did try to make him into something but was it enough? Did it change my mind about Tuxedo Mask? Not really… I always had one of two reactions whenever he appeared on the screen: cringe or laugh, depending on the line of the day.

"Naruto": So recently, I rewatched all of Naruto since I never got to finish it in high school; however, I still wanted to write about it… you know, an anime that meant so much to me, and I made some great friendships over it. Anyway, while I enjoyed it way more than I should, considering the insane amount of fillers, I still had a couple of issues with it. One issue: the fillers themselves. I mean, when you make a storyline where the threat is as big as God, it was the fillers that provided the Deus ex Machina solution that saved them all. I cannot begin to describe the layers of anger that arise when I think of all the flashback episodes that suddenly introduced a new character that would do something in the war. Anyway, my second issue was: women in Naruto. Why were they all portrayed as some cliché worthless female that only had enough power just to be. I mean, yes, we had Tsunade, but I feel all female characters other than her ended up being so underwhelming and just never going over the powerful edge of actually being able great.

"Dragon Ball GT": Not really a complaint, to be honest, more of an unpopular opinion. I have come to accept that I might be the only person who loved this because of Trunks… must there be another reason? Not only do we get more Trunks, but we also get to meet Bulla (I used to know her as Buras, Spanish translation). The only thing I wish is that maybe we could have gotten a more "future Trunks" Trunks, but I could not have been more thankful to have gotten so many episodes with Trunks already, so was I really that bothered? No, but I do wish GT was canon.

"Hunter X Hunter": I loved Hunter x Hunter and really enjoyed watching up until the Chimera Ant Arc. When I see the love that Pitou and Meruem have, I feel like there is something I must have missed. Did I not see them pretty much commit genocide? I do not recall all those people coming back to life, even if aspects of themselves did appear in some of the ants. While I loved seeing Pitou's end and actually felt bad for Meruem and Komugi, I still feel like… that's it? It was such a disappointing arc for the fantastic show that HxH truly is. While we were introduced to some quality characters, it was, in the words of Shikamaru, a drag. I was going to leave it at dad, but can we also talk about Gon's dad, Ging? I think it is one of the few 2D non-villain characters I want to punch as much as Leorio did; I was so happy when he called Ging out on his BS. And that line about how Gon has a lot of friends like Leorio and that should suffice? Aaah, someone, please hold me back from punching the screen right now.

"My Dress-up Darling": Marin… Is it black skin? If you know me, you know I have a soft spot for this show. However, I am genuinely on the fence about how to feel about certain aspects of it. Especially her last cosplay… Was that blackface? Did she need to use a tan for real in order to render the character? It makes me deeply uncomfortable to see someone change their skin to cosplay a character of color, even if it is a tan, as it was in this case. It still wasn't enough to deflect from what was obviously a very poor creative decision.

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