Saturday Night Live Wrap: Jonas, Warwick, Fauci, Mirror Demons & More

We knew it was coming, and now it's here. After a solid start to the new year and ending with a Nick Jonas episode that saw him holding down hosting and performing responsibilities, NBC's Saturday Night Live is heading into hibernation until March 27. Of course, when it's SNL alum and one of the funniest people on the planet Maya Rudolph with musical guest Jack Harlow waiting in the wings when the long-running sketch comedy series does return, three weeks can feel like three months. This is also our last look at how Saturday night went until then, so let take a look at what worked, what didn't work, and what left us scratching our heads in confused disbelief.

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Saturday Night Live (Image: Screencap)

Overall, it was a surprisingly impressive episode- especially one to head into a three-week break on. There wasn't much to beat up on, and Jonas doing double-duty meant that the rest of the Saturday Night Live cast had a chance to shine more than usual. I also appreciated Jonas's ease at checking his ego at the door and giving himself over to the experience- it showed in his interactions with the cast. So with that said, here's a rundown of the night's "dirty dozen" ranked from less-preferred to what had us laughing to the point where we were questioning the amount of sleep we'd been getting and blood sugar levels:

(12) Performances: This is just a personal musical preference and not any mud-slinging at Jonas- hasn't really been my favorite sound over the years but both performances were on-point and "Spaceman" could easily get stuck in your brain for a few hours.

(11) "Post-COVID Dating": Did a nice job portraying the impending awkwardness, but it felt like a sketch that was being improved by Jonas and Kate McKinnon halfway through.

(10) "Cinderella's Slipper": A twisted little sketch held together by Aidy Bryant's sexed-up mouse and Cecily Strong's meaty farts (trust us).

(9) "Amusement Park": Like the previous sketch, this one is all about one person selling it: Kyle Mooney (two, if you cunt that dude from Soul).

(8) "Home Makeover" (YouTube Cut Sketch): Across the nation, millions of single people and previously-single people were laughing their asses off- and some muttering a "f**k you" or two for the things that hit a little too close to home.

(7) "Bachelor Party:": I'm so glad this topic has finally been addressed- the fact that it was done to a song makes just that much more special. Seriously, the entire "bachelor party" thing has a ton of question marks around it that no one seems comfortable enough to want to answer.

(6) Monologue: There's just something about every time that SNL does something to either honor NYC or the country during the pandemic that hits us in the heart. As much as I enjoyed the sing-a-long, I also appreciated it (and Andrew Lloyd Webber needs to consider Jonas for something in the future).

(5) "Dionne Warwick" Talk Show: More Ego Nwodim is never a bad thing. That said? This needs to be a regular feature because her portrayal continues to get more and more refined. Highlight: Nwodim's Warwick looking to give it another try with Pete Davidson's Machine Gun Kelly.

(4) "Weekend Update": Did anyone think Michael Che and Colin Jost weren't going to come out this week with their knives sharpened even more than usual after last week's attempt by some to call out Che over a joke he made about the Israeli government? Strong's Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kenan Thompson's LaVar Ball were excellent support- with bonus points for the Ted Cruz/"Eff-Marry-Kill" joke.

(3) "Vaccine Game Show": McKinnon's best take on Dr. Anthony Fauci yet- we like seeing him portrayed as more of a smart-ass. And as long as NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo continues shooting himself in the foot as his popularity freefalls, we need to keep getting Davidson's take.

(2) "Murder Show": Whatever it is that SNL is doing to tap into the nerve pulse of streaming viewers out there, they need to keep doing it. The best compliment I could give this sketch is the reaction I received online from dozens of folks who felt like someone's been creeping on their viewing habits.

(1) "Mirror Workout": Remember the name… Shannon Delgado. We're still not sure why we loved this sketch so much other than it was totally absurd and totally hysterical because everyone not only played their roles- they stayed with them instead of breaking and giving in to the absurdity of it all. Once again, if you put Davidson in a costume you're going to get comedy gold in ways that have absolutely jack-s**to do with the costume- the brilliance of being able to be in on the joke and still be outside of it.

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