Smosh Under The Influence Live Was Bonkers Experience Full Of Laughs

I got the opportunity of experiencing Smosh: Under The Influence Live on June 30th, as well as receive some unique merchandise connected to the themes. Although Damien Haas had to abstain from attending due to being sick, his presence was felt whenever stumbles and drunken belches occurred like a hilarious guardian angel made its way through the live streaming cameras.

Smosh Under The Influence: A Bonkers Experience Full Of Laughs
Source: Twitter/Smosh

Smosh: Under The Influence Live included a lot of favorites and a few surprises along the way. Main segments included the absurdly hilarious "Ian's Drunk Funeral", the snack and paired drink edition of "Eat It or Yeet It", Lisa from HR interviewing some unique ex-partners, and finally a "Try Not To Laugh" full of spontaneous moments absolutely worth the joyful chaos that followed. Between these moments as things were getting set up and taken down, some cast joined Spencer Agnew over in the Board AF area of the studio to play some games like "Truth or Drink."

The Kiswe hosting site made things fairly smooth. The experience included a section to buy themed merchandise, exclusive stickers to send in chat, a chat section for fans, and a place to make a 5-second fan reaction to record and be displayed at the bottom of the page below the stream. Throughout the evening, a Sloshy mascot would make appearances and "ice" a random individual with cup of a cocktail or alcoholic beverage of some sort.

One of my favorite moments from Smosh: Under The Influence came from Lisa interviewing her exes, which consisted of characters like Courtney Freaking Miller, Paddington (yes, the bear), and a disgruntled detective we've seen before, Sarah. Moments of marmalade alongside toast and a unknown nickname for Lisa, The Finisher, made for one of the funniest parts of the night. Besides the exes being interviewed, the night had some fun Whose Line Is It Anyway? themes present and drunk personalities came out in full force. A lot was learned about some favorite cast members such as Kimmy's craziest drunken snack being melted cheese on a paper towel and Olivia revealing she likes to go to Home Depot and simply wander around the store. Based on this experience, I can only hope for more content like this is Smosh's future! And here's a look back to the live "pre-game" before the event kicked off:

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