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Smosh: Comedy Brand Hires Joel Rubin As Executive VP Of Content
 Smosh, one of the most storied and popular comedy brands on the internet, announced today the appointment of Joel Rubin as the company's first Executive Vice President of Programming and Content Concurrently, the brand has announced that it has promoted current team members Lisa Van Lenner and Kiana Parker as it strengthens its production division. Pictured: Joel Rubin[...]
'Smosh: Under The Influence Live' Boozy Livestream Event June 30th
I got the opportunity of experiencing Smosh: Under The Influence Live on June 30th, as well as receive some unique merchandise connected to the themes Although Damien Haas had to abstain from attending due to being sick, his presence was felt whenever stumbles and drunken belches occurred like a hilarious guardian angel made its way through[...]
'Smosh: Under The Influence Live' Boozy Livestream Event June 30th
Ahead of the drunken surprises and laughter sure to occur, I got to ask some questions about Smosh: Under The Influence to a few cast members before the drinking begins on June 30th, starting at 9 pm EST Speaking with Ian Hecox, Courtney Miller, Shayne Topp, and Damien Haas brought up some hilarious and interesting points about the various[...]
'Smosh: Under The Influence Live' Boozy Livestream Event June 30th
Smosh, one of the most storied and leading comedy brands on the internet that produces hilarious sketches and unscripted videos across multiple platforms, is debuting Smosh: Under the Influence Live, their first live sketch variety show since 2016, with a twist. Source: Twitter/Smosh On June 30th at 6 pm PT, the entire Smosh team will perform live[...]
G4 & YouTube Comedy Brand Smosh Announce Commercial Partnership
G4 announced an industry-leading commercial partnership with Smosh, one of the most storied and popular comedy brands on the internet, best known for its hilarious sketch and unscripted videos across multiple digital platforms The deal unites the content and fandoms of two preeminent Millennial and Gen-Z focused entertainment brands, pairing G4's enormous reach and brand[...]
Smosh Joins Danny Trejo For Twisted Tacos On Eat It Or Yeet It!
A recent episode of Smosh's Eat It Or Yeet It! included an iconic face, Danny Trejo, who was joined by some of the cast and crew at his restaurant, Trejo's Tacos in Santa Monica, CA In a unique and wholesome collaboration, in this episode of the favorite Smosh segment, there are many rounds where I found myself[...]
Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell & Smosh
With the smooth voice of Bruce Campbell describing the shades of blood in the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game, Smosh's Spencer Agnew along with those who worked on the game, preview what to expect The recently uploaded video to Smosh's YouTube channel, Smosh Games, also included an appearance from Andy Campbell, Swiftor, Greg Miller, and one of[...]
Smosh: Leveled Up Studio Space & Headquarters For YouTube Channel
If you've been watching Smosh recently, you might have wondered why things have changed or videos appeared to be on-location outside of a set, and that's because the popular YouTube channel was awaiting their new studio space and headquarters The cast and crew have a new home, decked out with plenty of new items and[...]
Smosh & Jackbox Games Partner For Special Twitch Cancer Event
Smosh and Jackbox Games have announced a partnership on a special event as they will play games to aid Stand Up To Cancer The YouTube comedy channel will have a mix of familiar performers and special guests coming together to play Jackbox Party Pack titles for a few hours of fun and entertainment on August[...]
Bleeding Cool's interview with Smosh's Ian Hecox (Image: Smosh)
As I swelter in my studio/garage, Ian joins me from the confines of his self-described "murder-room spare bedroom" and begins by sharing the origin story for Smosh Hecox and pal Anthony Padilla, when they were fresh out of Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks, California, began filming each other lip-syncing tv show themes out[...]
smosh nycc 2017
Freddy Valle writes for Bleeding Cool from New York Comic Con: In a recent panel for Smosh Games, a new project titled Operation Open World in partnership with Ubisoft was announced. A trailer was shown where members of the Smosh team travelled to Egypt, and visited famous locations from Assassin's Creed Origins The series is set to begin[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Smosh #1
Dynamite has sent us a digital copy of Smosh #1 by Michael McDermott, Yale Stewart and Franco Viglino to share with our readers All four issues of the series are part of the latest Groupees digital bundle. SMOSH, the Kings of YouTube Comedy, now bring their wildly popular brand of humor to comics! Behold, the Super Virgin Squad! Gathered together in[...]
SMOSH's Padilla And Hecox On Their New Dynamite Comic
Those numbers belong to SMOSH, the web-based comedy brand that Time Magazine calls "the Saturday Night Live of the internet." And beginning this spring, SMOSH will bring its brand of humor to comics in a new limited series from Dynamite Entertainment. "SMOSH is the brainchild of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, who also star in all[...]
Chris Pratt Gets Pranked By SMOSH
Chris Pratt is known for having a good sense of humor…  but here on the interview tour for Jurassic World he got pranked by SMOSH.(Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox) These guys are crazy and Pratt is a hell of a sport for staying through it. [youtube][/youtube] Chris Pratt is known for having a good sense of humor…[...]
Dynamite Makes Deal To Produce SMOSH Related Comics And Graphic Novels
Dynamite Entertainment has entered into a deal with The Joester Loria Group and DEFY Media's SMOSH to develop a series of comics and graphic novels. If you are not familiar with SMOSH, it's a digital comedy brand with over 30 million subscribers on multiple YouTube channels and over 20 million social media followers It was founded[...]