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Star Trek: Picard Star Todd Stashwick Would Love 25th Century Spinoff

There are a lot of people who want Terry Matalas running another 25th Century Star Trek spinoff, including Picard star Todd Stashwick.

To say Star Trek fans have welcomed Picard season three with open arms would be an understatement. In fact, one fan is going even further in hopes Paramount is listening to continue the adventures in the 25th century via While petitions end up largely symbolic as most studio decisions are generally pat. Then again, fans helped sustain The Original Series for a third and final season, but that was another time. The petition sings the praises of current Picard showrunner Terry Matalas while trying to convince Paramount to have him front the next successor spinoff series. The petition is titled "Trekkies Unite: We Want Terry Matalas to Helm Future Star Trek Series." Here's a look at the overview of the drive to get

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Next 25th Century Star Trek Spinoff Pitch for Terry Matalas

Attention, fellow Trekkies! Have you caught the latest scoop? Terry Matalas, a veteran Starfleet officer who has served on Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and Enterprise, has boldly gone where no one has gone before by delivering the most stellar Star Trek season in over two decades! Matalas has expertly navigated the galaxy of Trek legacy and resurrected it in a way that has truly stunned and thrilled many lifelong fans.

Despite Matalas' stellar work, he is not yet set to make any new Star Trek after the Picard Series. He's already set up a Crew that can continue pushing the Star Trek story forward. Matalas has created a perfect transport at the ending of Picard season 3 to continue the Star Trek story in this Timeline. Please sign this petition so we can show Paramount how much we love his work and want more of it!

As passionate Trekkies, we crave a show that pays tribute to the Legacy era and carries on the story from the current timeline. Terry Matalas, a true Star Trek veteran, holds the key to rekindling the spirit of Gene Roddenbury's vision. He's crafted the perfect recipe for making the fandom soar once again, and we need him to keep the franchise boldly going by passing on his wisdom to future Trek creators.

The fate of our beloved Star Trek franchise is in jeopardy. Without the brilliant mind of Terry Matalas, the future of the final frontier may be at risk. We call upon you to boldly sign this petition and join our mission to keep the spirit of Gene Roddenbury's vision alive. Let us unite as a crew to explore the stars and overcome our differences. Together, we can ensure that Star Trek's legacy endures for generations to come!

Among those who signed the petition is Todd Stashwick, who plays Captain Liam Shaw of the U.S.S. Titan-A. The actor's performance has drawn critical acclaim as a season three addition of Picard joining other newer faces Ed Speleers (Jack Crusher) and Amanda Plummer (Vadic). I mean, who wouldn't want a Shaw spinoff as much as I like the title "Dipshit from Chicago," I'm okay if we get a Star Trek: Titan series. The current season marks the reunion of Star Trek: The Next Generation's cast, but we're still missing LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner five episodes in. The show streams Thursdays on Paramount+.

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