Superman and Lois, Walker & More on Bubble; DC/The CW Future Uncertain

Since we last dropped an update on the changes taking place this week as Nexstar begins shaping The CW into the network it envisions it should be, we've had two significant updates. First, reports are that Nexstar is looking to reduce the licensing fee dramatically that it's willing to pay for content (with a figure of $1M/ep being eyed), which would have a major impact on the network's programming line-up moving forward (though fitting with the media company's drive for cheaper, big-profit content more on the unscripted side). And then this morning, we learned that former Pop TV president Brad Schwartz had been named the network's entertainment president. From the title alone, you can tell why Schwartz is essential when it comes to shows like Walker, Superman & Lois, All American, All American: Homecoming, Kung Fu, Gotham Knights, Walker Independence, and The Winchesters. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter in an interview shortly after the news was released, Schwartz had some things to share that fans of the shows previously listed will want to know about.

superman & lois
SUPERMAN & LOIS & WALKER (Image: Superman & Lois/Walker – The CW)

With regards to an example that folks could look to for a sense of what The CW will look like a year from now, Schwartz finds Pop TV to be a fair comparison to their "scrappy" approach while stressing that there are many other factors being considered. When asked if DC Studios & its properties would continue to be a part of The CW under new management, Schwartz could only offer, "I don't know yet." The new entertainment president also wasn't able to share if there was a show currently on The CW that best exemplifies what Nexstar is looking for when it comes to the network. As for the shows listed above? For now, they're all on the bubble and it doesn't sound like many definitive answers will be coming anytime soon.

"I'm looking forward to meeting or getting back together and talking about it all. I just don't know the answers yet, but I'm looking forward to digging in and figuring it all out," Schwartz explained. "It's still a huge platform, and it's one of five. We're going to have to be contrarian and think differently. But it should not get in the way of ambition." As for how many shows that are currently airing could make the cut to 2023-2024, that's going to come down to what the numbers show. "We have to see how they perform, and we have to analyze everything on its merits, what its costs are and how it's delivering. I don't know enough yet. I have to dig into the numbers and budgets," Schwartz explained. "If something is making sense, bringing in a lot of audience and is profitable, of course, you're going to keep doing it. And if it's not, then we've really got to re-think it. Why don't some of these shows on The CW get more than 1 million viewers? I need to find that answer out. It's the right question to ask."

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