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Nancy Drew S02E12 Preview: Nancy & Celia Meet; Deadly Family Matters
Heading into this week's episode of The CW's Nancy Drew, the dangers that Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and the "Drew Crew" are facing are far less supernatural and far more "things-blow-up-go-boom"- but is that a good thing? Balancing a one-on-one with Celia Hudson (Teryl Rothery) alongside helping Ace (Alex Saxon) and Grant (Shannon Kook) with some[...]
Nancy Drew S02E11 Preview: Our Drew Crew Can't Remember Who They Are
In what is giving us serious American Dad and Rick and Morty vibes (that's a good thing, by the way), this week's episode of The CW's Nancy Drew finds Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and the "Drew Crew" having some serious memory issues Not too shocking, right? I mean, we all forget where we put our car keys[...]
Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 10 Preview: Nancy & Gil Bobbsey Team Up?
All Rights Reserved. Nancy Drew Season 2, Episode 10 "The Spell of the Burning Bride": THERE'S A NEW GHOST IN TOWN – Nancy (Kennedy McMann) picks up a new investigating job involving the local florist and is pleasantly surprised when Gil Bobbsey (guest star Praneet Akilla) is able to offer some assistance Meanwhile, Ace (Alex Saxon)[...]
Nancy Drew S02E09 Preview: Drew Crew, Gil Bobbsey Strike a Deal
If it's Wednesday then it's time for the next episode of The CW's Kennedy McMann-starring Nancy Drew– which means it's also time for us to offer a set of preview images, an episode overview, and a promo for"The Bargain of the Blood Shroud." When you consider that Nancy (McMann) and the "Drew Crew" are now[...]
Nancy Drew S02E08 Preview: Nancy Busts George-Squatting Ghost & More
Welcome back to our weekly preview of The CW's Nancy Drew, with a look at the eighth episode of the second season, "The Quest for the Spider Sapphire" (imagine how long that title would be if they kept doing the chapters like Riverdale is still doing) With only seven episodes to go until the "Drew-niverse"[...]
Nancy Drew S02E07 Preview: Drew Crew Checks In to Check Out Mystery
After a week off for good behavior (and because finding a way to avoid your near-certain death can take its toll on you), The CW's Nancy Drew is back this week with another chapter of mystery, mayhem, and menace In the following preview images, episode overview, and promo for "The Legend of the Murder Hotel" (already[...]
Nancy Drew S02E06 Preview: Drew Crew's Friday the 13th Series Problem
Once again, we have a round of "good news/bad news" heading into this week's episode of The CW's Nancy Drew The good news is that the Aglaeca's curses are gone and Nancy (Kennedy McMann) was able to save George's (Leah Lewis) life The bad news that we saw at the end of the last episode and[...]
Nancy Drew Season 2 E05 Preview: The Drew Crew's Not on the Same Page
This means heading into this week's episode of The CW's Nancy Drew "The Drowned Woman," it's time to shift to "Plan B": if you can't appease them? Kill them- except as you're about to see in the following preview images, episode overview, and promo, it doesn't look like everyone's on the same page- and Bess's[...]
Nancy Drew Season 2 E04 Preview: It's Now or Never for the Drew Crew
But with The CW's Nancy Drew returning Wednesday night, have they run out of time? Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved. Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved. Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved. Photo: Colin[...]
Nancy Drew Season 2 E03 Preview: Is The Drew Crew Out of Options?
So going into this week's preview for The CW's Nancy Drew, we definitely have a round of "good news/bad news" to play before looking ahead to tonight's episode First, the good news? Well, it's actually a double-dose since viewers already know that the Kennedy McMann-starring series will host a backdoor pilot for Tom Swift during[...]
Joining the freshman series for a return are All American, Batwoman, Charmed, Dynasty, The Flash, In the Dark, Legacies, Legends of Tomorrow, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, and Roswell, New Mexico While Superman & Lois, Kung Fu, and The Republic of Sarah are single-season status quo for now (none of which have premiered yet), The CW has ordered two[...]
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Things look to be going pretty okay for The CW's Nancy Drew– on both sides of the camera First, we learned this week that Tian Richards (Dumplin', Burden) has landed the lead role in the upcoming "backdoor pilot" for Tom Swift Based on the classic book series, Richards' Black, gay, billionaire inventor will make his debut during[...]
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The CW's Nancy Drew has found the lead for its upcoming backdoor pilot episode for Tom Swift, with EW reporting that Tian Richards (Dumplin', Burden) has landed the lead role, based on the classic book series Richards' Black, gay, billionaire inventor will make his debut during Episode 15 of the sophomore season of Nancy Drew (and[...]
Nancy Drew -- Image Number: NCD_S2_8x12.jpg -- Pictured (Clockwise from Top): Madison Jaizani as Bess, Leah Lewis as George, Kennedy McMann as Nancy, Tunji Kasim as Nick and Alex Saxon as Ace -- Photo: Nino Muñoz/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
With The CW's Kennedy McMann-starring Nancy Drew joining Riverdale this Wednesday night for their respective season-returns, the network is offering viewers a look at what they can expect when Nancy and the "Drew Crew" return Except for this season, it's not just about a new mystery- though there is definitely that The season premiere "The Search for the[...]
Nancy Drew Cast Talk Season 2 Differences, Who's Aglaeca Bait & More
The CW's Kennedy McMann-starring Nancy Drew finds Nancy and hew "Drew Crew" facing down a second season filled with new mysteries and dangers- and the possibility that the Aglaeca is going to kill them all Because pulling off a second season successfully is deadly enough? As if the Final Destination-like experience the 'Drew Crew" had wouldn't[...]