The Daily Show "Honors" Trump, Carlson & More for January 6th Attack

In case you've been lucky enough to avoid the news and social media over the past 24-48 hours, your know why January 6th is an important and dark date in American History. Because on January 6, 2021, a mob of treasonous sour losers who couldn't deal with the fact that their false prophet Donald Trump lost his re-election so they trumped up a bunch of tinfoil-hat-worthy conspiracy theories. Those crackpot theories culminated in a righteous fail of an attempt to stop the election from being certified by a bunch of sheep who (as we've learned) were more than willing to commit violence and even kill to get their point across. It was also a day in which we would see some "shining" examples of "Profiles in Cowardice" from Trump, Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Green, Tucker Carlson, Rudy Giuliani, Lauren Boebert, Steve Bannon, and Josh Hawley. Now, those eight less-than-fine folks are receiving the honor they deserve- courtesy of Trevor Noah and Comedy Central's The Daily Show. If you're in NYC today and can get down to 23rd St. and Broadway before 11 pm ET tonight, you can check out the "Heroes of the Freedomsurrection" where this gaggle of grotesqueness receives the only "honor" they deserve.

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We put up monuments to the patriots who fought against America on January 6th. Please don't tear them down, because history," the comedy/news/opinion show wrote in its Instagram post while showing off the individuals being honored for their cowardice and treachery- here's a look:

From pitchforks and Proud Boys to a one-man "Tyranny Response Team" (and that's not even close to the sights you're about to see), Jordan Klepper saw it all while reporting from within the mob looking to take over the Capitol and cause as much violence while doing it as possible:

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