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But never let it be said that the fine folks over at Comedy Central's The Daily Show aren't willing to find a silver lining even in the darkest of clouds – even for Trump. Image: The Daily Show Screencap   Here's a look at how the late-night comedy/news show found a way to turn Trump's frown upside down: Congrats[...]
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From what Chris McCarthy, head of Showtime, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1 & Paramount Network, had to share in a recent profile interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the post-Trevor Noah era of The Daily Show has gotten off to a strong start Not only should we get news on a new host soon, but it sounds[...]
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Making the BCTV Daily Dispatch menu board for today? Disney+'s What If…?, HBO Max's Clone High, Disney+'s The Mandalorian, Kate Mulgrew/"Picard," WWE/Vince McMahon, AEW/CM Punk, The CW's Superman & Lois, FOX's WWE SmackDown, Disney+'s Loki, The CW's The Flash, Paramount+'s Star Trek: Picard, Disney+/The Disney Channel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Comedy Central's The Daily[...]
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But now, it's time for Comedy Central's The Daily Show correspondents & contributors to take back their house and show everyone how they do things "TDS style." Earlier today, the cable network released the schedule for the second wave of guest hosts taking, and it's a lineup that includes Roy Wood Jr (Week of April[...]
And Fallon spends a good chunk of time on the topic, and I will (begrudgingly) give him bonus points for finding ways to include visuals of Trump's cronies to tell the tale: And that brings us to the mixed bag that was The Daily Show, with this week's host being former politician & SNL cast member[...]
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Though Trevor Noah departed Comedy Central's long-running late-night comedy/news series at the end of last year, the mission of The Daily Show to hold feet-to-flames must roll on To that end, we have a series of guest hosts, as well as TDS correspondents, who've carved up the calendar to cover hosting until a final decision on the[...]
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Marshal Raylan Givens, and Comedy Central's The Daily Show Guest Host Leslie Jones introduces herself to viewers. Image: Comedy Central Screencap, BBC, ABC Screencap, HBO Max, Instagram Stories Screencap, The CW, WBTV Screencap, Showtime & FX Networks BCTV Daily Dispatch: Supernatural/Smallville, Rookie, Justified & More! Plus, check out our additional coverage: The CW's Gotham Knights, AMC's Lucky Hank,[...]
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So with Trevor Noah departing Comedy Central's long-running late-night comedy/news series just before the end of last year, viewers were wondering who would be at The Daily Show anchor desk as the producers search far & wide for a new permanent host And then we learned only a few days into 2023 that a series[...]
Discovery announcing that its done killing content for tax write-offs, Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp coming out as gay on TikTok, Jackass star Bam Margera discussing being pronounced dead with Steve-O, and Comedy Central's The Daily Show wanting answers from Elon Musk as to why their tweets disappeared. Image: Netflix, Wild Ride Screencap, Warner Bros[...]
The Daily Show Needs Answers from Elon Musk About Deleted Tweets
Why does Musk have a personal gripe against Comedy Central's The Daily Show to the point where he's pulling down their tweets? Earlier today, the late-night news & comedy show tweeted to Musk that Kevin McCarthy's Twitter account was impersonating the leader of the GOP Now, this is an example of the truth and the[...]
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On Thursday night, Trevor Noah bid farewell to Comedy Central's The Daily Show after seven seasons on the influential late-night comedy/news program Taking over hosting duties from Jon Stewart back in 2015, Noah would tap into a younger generation of viewers who looked beyond network & 24-hour news channels for their information And though he[...]
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Our line-up for this morning includes DC Studios co-head James Gunn responding to rampant DCU rumors, Michael Connelly offering both literary & live-action "Bosch" updates, Mike Flanagan & Trevor Macy getting their chance to climb Stephen King's "The Dark Tower," The CW's DC's Stargirl series & character creator Geoff Johns discussing the series finale, Amazon[...]
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After seven seasons anchoring Comedy Central's influential late-night comedy/news program, Trevor Noah offered his final sign-off as host of The Daily Show this evening Taking over hosting duties from Jon Stewart back in 2015, Noah would go on to tap into a younger generation of viewers who looked beyond network & 24-hour news channels for[...]
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Though Trevor Noah announcing that he would be departing Comedy Central's The Daily Show may have caught more than a few people by surprise (including staff members on the show and Paramount Global executives) when he will be wrapping up his run is no longer a mystery Noah is set to exit the late-night series[...]
Our line-up for this morning includes looks at Trevor Noah announcing he's departing Comedy Central's The Daily Show, FX Networks confirming American Horror Story Season 11 will be "AHS: NYC," Saraya making a painfully awkward TBS' AEW Dynamite debut, and Netflix's Grendel star Abubakr Ali posting on the streaming service passing on the series. Image: AEW,[...]
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UPDATE: Here's a look at Trevor Noah speaking with The Daily Show audience, confirming his departure (followed by our original reporting): Though no official confirmation has come from either the late-night host's representatives or Comedy Central, reports are that Trevor Noah will be departing The Daily Show after seven seasons Taking over hosting duties from Jon[...]
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Now, those eight less-than-fine folks are receiving the honor they deserve- courtesy of Trevor Noah and Comedy Central's The Daily Show If you're in NYC today and can get down to 23rd St and Broadway before 11 pm ET tonight, you can check out the "Heroes of the Freedomsurrection" where this gaggle of grotesqueness receives[...]
Jeopardy! Host LeVar Burton Part of History in Contestant Futility
Now, the Reading Rainbow host is closing the book on hosting Jeopardy!, saying "Enough is enough" during a conversation with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. Image courtesy of Sony Television "You know, we did a Kickstarter several years ago," Burton explained "I discovered then that the generation of adults now, who grew up on 'Reading Rainbow,'[...]
Legally Blonde 3 Script Will Be Written By Mindy Kaling, Dan Goor
Kaling and Goor are both very talented writers, having worked on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Office, Parks and Recreation, The Mindy Project, The Daily Show, and Late Night With Conan O'Brien Kaling also just had a new series debut on Netflix to wide acclaim, Never Have I Ever Signing them up to write a new Legally[...]
Coronavirus Hits the NBA and Trump Makes the Virus Racist | The Daily Social Distancing Show
Now, in a sign of one of the long-term changes this may bring, The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah will be working a double-shift – set to air weeknights in The Daily Show's 11 PM time slot on Comedy Central, beginning Monday, March 23. Comedy Central While a number of shows – such as CBS'[...]
Comedy Central Bringing 'Daily Show,' 'Broad City' Finale and More to SXSW 2019
This year, Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Trevor Noah will be in the spotlight at SXSW Festival – which will be taking over most of downtown Austin, TX with multiple events Not to be outdone, network programming pal Broad City will premiere its final episodes on Sunday, March 10 – followed with an exclusive[...]
Remembering Stan Lee, Migos' Carpool Karaoke, and Time Travel Sasquatch Adventures with Colbert (BC's Late-Night Rewind)
Happy holidays, you sensitive snowflakes! can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Full Frontal Presents "Christmas on I.C.E." | Full Frontal on TBS ( Number 7: So You Want To Be a Guest on The Daily Show? Yes, seriously Trevor Noah is giving a lucky viewer and their friends a chance to win a VIP trip to[...]
Paul Rudd Is His Own Worst Enemy in Netflix Comedy Series 'Living With Yourself'
Marvel Studios Paul Rudd is about to go to war with himself – literally – in Netflix's new scripted comedy Living With Yourself from Emmy and Peabody award winner Timothy Greenberg (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart), Likely Story and Jax Media. Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine, Battle of the Sexes) are set to[...]
Michelle Wolf's Looking to 'Break' Late-Night in New Netflix Series Trailer
Comedian and former The Daily Show correspondent Michelle Wolf is no stranger to grabbing that attention: the White House Correspondents' Dinner performer is taking to Netflix for her new series The Break with Michelle Wolf, debuting on the streaming service on Sunday, May 27. Credit: Netflix You can check out the most recent trailer and overview for Netflix's The[...]
The Weekly Static is our righteously desperate-yet-endearing look at the past week in the land of the networks, cable, streaming, smoke signals, cloud formations, and shadow puppets from an interesting, unique and entertaining perspective. At least that’s how it reads on paper… let’s see how this goes.
Daily Show's Michelle Wolf to Host White House Correspondents Dinner
Credit: Erin Nekervis [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia CommonsMight be a good idea for White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to find some kind of excuse for her boss to be busy on April 28th — maybe "has to wash his hair" or "has to pick up a friend at the airport" — as The[...]
Presidential Election (not letting this one go) and opportunities to play "Victim #8" in a Freddy, Jason or Michael movie (admit it…it would be kinda' cool). can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Weekly Static s01e22: Sabrina, Constantine, Vampires & More! ( Netflix Taps Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka for Riverdale Spinoff 'Sabrina' Walking Dead Stuntman John[...]
Daily Show, President Show, And Drunk History Set For Holiday Specials
To insure that we survive the experience, Comedy Central is lining up their heavy-hitters (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Drunk History and The President Show) for specials to help save us from too much "holiday cheer." Here are Comedy Central's overviews and previews for those specials: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Hosted by Trevor Noah, The[...]
John Oliver, Wyatt Cenac Developing Late-Night Docuseries For HBO
John Oliver is expanding his creative influence at HBO, with the Emmy award-winning Last Week Tonight host teaming with fellow The Daily Show alum Wyatt Cenac for a new docuseries at the premium cable network. Cenac, Oliver and Ezra Edelman will serve as executive producers; as will Hallie Haglund (The Daily Show), who will also serve[...]
Jordan Klepper
Comedy Central has been trying to fill the half hour slot after The Daily Show for a while now First there was the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, but that got cancelled Then @Midnight filled in for a while, but that has come to an end And the President Show was there, but didn't seem[...]