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Ron Pearlman arrives at the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of 'Drive' on May 17, 2011 in Los Angeles, Ca. Editorial credit: Photo Works / Shutterstock.com

Ron Pearlman Gets Into Twitter War With Senator Ted Cruz

On Monday however, he found himself in a war of words with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas It was actually really bizarre, with Cruz wading into a fight that is ongoing with Pearlman and Rep Matt Gaetz Gaetz said he was going to introduce a bill forcing athletes on USSF teams to stand for the[...]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Quotes Rorschach from Alan Moore's 'Watchmen'

You're locked up in here with ME.” 🤣 https://t.co/8TCmKNJlkD — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) January 11, 2019This isn't the first time a politician has mentioned Rorschach--remember when Ted Cruz listed Rorschach as one of his top five HEROES? Yeah That happened.Needless to say, it'll be interesting to see what happens when Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the American[...]

Borat, "Bucky Cap," Curry, KISS, and More! (BC's Late-Night Rewind)

.Number 1! Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Returns to Poop on Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke I'll admit it: I was in the tank for this one from the beginning I've loved Conan O'Brien's work for decades; but with the show on hiatus during the elections, Colbert was able to "borrow" Triumph to go cover the[...]

Check Out Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's Bipartisan Beto O'Rourke, Ted Cruz Takedown (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz and his Democrat opponent Beto O’Rourke.Here's a look a how that turned out (as Triumph-y as we woud've wanted, expected), as well as what happens when our "canine Cronkite" starts venturing out among the voting faithful (with some of the highlights):https://youtu.be/GJ8VV6TqeXI● On early-voting Beto fans: “terrifying swarm of degenerate leftists with one thing in[...]

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Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Honored By Ted Cruz Masturbation Joke

But Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has surpassed all of those by achieving the highest honor in all of comics: a Ted Cruz masturbation joke on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.On a recent episode of the Comedy Central program, host Noah was talking about Ted Cruz’s recent social media Twitter snafu wherein the Senator’s Twitter[...]

Do You Want Another Geek President Of The United States?

A man who grew up reading and collecting Spider-Man and Conan comic books, can quote Stan Lee, flashed the Vulcan sign at Leonard Nimoy when their paths crossed and joked at a dinner while his birth credentials were in doubt, "I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father Jor-El to save the[...]