The Mandalorian/Ahsoka Updates: Babu Frik, Chopper, Sabine Wren & More

Heading into this afternoon's Star Wars Celebration "Mando+: A Conversation with Jon Favreau & Dave Filoni" presentation, Dave Filoni & Jon Favreau had already made sure that fans had a lot to be excited about. With the Rosario Dawson-starring Ahsoka, attendees were treated to a message from the star herself, and then on Friday, we learned that Filoni would be directing a "handful" of series episodes. As for the Pedro Pascal-starring The Mandalorian, the biggest news came with the confirmation that the series would return for its third season in February 2023. Not only that but we also learned that Katee Sackhoff's Bo-Katan will be making her return and attendees were shown footage that found Din Djarin (Pascal) beginning a redemption arc that finds him heading back home. And much like we did with Filoni/Ahsoka, we learned yesterday that Bryce Dallas Howard has returned to direct an episode.


"The Mandalorian" Season 3: Director Rick Famuyiwa will also executive produce.

Famuyiwa on "Just Finding Out": "For some reason, Jon saw my film 'Dope' and said, 'That's Star Wars material.' The first film I saw in the theater was Star Wars. I remember waiting in that long line to see that movie with no idea of what I was gonna see"

Famuyiwa on First Seeing "Star Wars: A New Hope" in 1977: "This has always been a dream of mine, to tell stories in this world, this galaxy. To walk in and have Jon say, 'I want you to do the second episode of this thing,' it was an honor. I've been around for the ride ever since."

Sackhoff on Playing Bo-Katan: "I'm still pinching myself that they trusted me to bring Bo-Katan into live-action." / "Strong women keep presenting themselves to me. These men are responsible for creating so many strong characters. The fact that they're women? They're just women."

Sackhoff on Where Bo-Katan's Head is at in Season 3: "My head is still attached and that's good" (a reference to Favreau playing a Mandalore who lost his head on "The Clone Wars"- a reference that Favreau jokingly did not appreciate).

"The Mandalorian Season 3" Teaser: Along with the footage screened on Thursday, there was also footage of an Imperial Star Destroyer, Mandalore, and… Babu Frik!

"Ahsoka": This past Friday night was the end of the production's third week of filming ("Really well, I'm very happy. No one knows anything about that or where it could possibly be filmed."- Filoni). Dawson takes to the stage to an intense reaction from the crowd. Both Chopper and Natasha Liu Bordizzo aka Sabine Wren are confirmed for the series. Early footage is screened, which the crowd was definitely into in a big way (… Hera Syndulla?)

Casting Bordizzo as Sabine: "The one thing I helped Dave with as he's transitioned to live-action is to understand the value of great actors. They are your partners. If you can create a partnership with the right people, it will flourish beyond what you planned."- Filoni

Filoni on Giving Credit for the Characters' Evolutions: "It's a huge challenge. These characters have been in my mind and yours. Ashley Eckstein and Tiya Sircar are phenomenal and made them who they are. There's a host of people who don't get to be on the panel here, and they're responsible for these characters."

Bordizzo on Playing Sabine: "I feel like I've just been adopted into a new family. It's the most welcoming, and creative- the set is going really well. I know how much Sabine means to a lot of people in this room. And watching Rebels, she's come to mean a helluva lot to me too, and I know she means a lot to Dave, and I think you're all going to be really excited about the journey she's going to have."

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