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The Masked Singer Holiday Sing-a-Long Preview Celebrates- Christ-Mask?

After last week's semi-finals left the fourth season of FOX's The Masked Singer with its "Final Three" of  Sun, Crocodile, and Mushroom, host Nick Cannon and panelists Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke are welcoming viewers back for a night of holiday festivities and special performances when the masked reality singing competition series hosts its "The Holiday Sing-a-Long" special- including a look back at past performances, some new unmasked singing, and maybe even a surprise or two.

The Masked Singer Holiday Sing-a-Long (Image: FOX)
The Masked Singer Holiday Sing-a-Long (Image: FOX)

So join Squiggly Monster aka Bob Saget, Lips aka Wendy Williams, Baby Alien aka Mark Sanchez, Giraffe aka Brian Austin Green, Dragon aka Busta Rhymes, Gremlin aka Mickey Rourke, Snow Owls aka Clint Black & Lisa Hartman Black, Whatchamacallit aka Lonzo Ball, Serpent aka Dr. Elvis Francois, Broccoli aka Paul Anka, Seahorse aka Tori Kelly, Jellyfish aka Chloe Kim, and Popcorn aka Taylor Dayne with a fresh glass of eggnog, some warm-n-fuzzy socks, and a pup or two to have passed out on your lap to get yourself into the holiday spirit. Still need convincing? If getting a teaser of Jeong performing "The Little Drummer Boy" wasn't enough (?!?), then check out the following two previews. Just a quick heads-up first, though. While we're digging the s**t out of the animation in the first preview as agnostics we really don't care one way or another but… Christ-Mask? Really? Just reads kinda… odd:

Our Remaining "The Masked Singer" Season 4 Competitors

To make your lives a little easier and get your Masked Singer scorecard up-to-date for the final round, here's a look at your remaining Season 4 competitors- that's right, your final three that are set to compete in next week's two-hour finale (followed by a few more reminders of the clues that were revealed prior to the series' start):

THE MASKED SINGER: Sun. The Season Four premiere of THE MASKED SINGER airs Wednesday, Sept. 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Michael Becker/FOX.

Sun: "This sun knows how to shine like a torch even during the freezing winter."

  • Items of Interest: badge with "fun director gold member" on it is shown, a chihuahua, asteroids and planets, a tennis racket, a jaguar, and a Mickey Mouse head
  • TMS guards are seen poolside sporting floaties, near a pool with a "shallow" end as well as markers for "2 ft." and "7 ft."
  • Having burned out and spent some time in a "deep depression," Sun had some interesting quotes: "I've had some extreme seasons in life." / "When I sprung into existence, I felt like the center of the universe… at first, stardom was great, but it was a ton of pressure." / "I was frozen, but within the darkness of a quiet place, I transformed into a ray of light."
  • Stage: "Cuz I Love You" by Lizzo
  • Costume: "Well, when I put this mask on I felt like it was a reflection of who I am personally, and I like it."

The Masked Singer Holiday Sing-a-Long Preview Celebrates- Christ-Mask?
THE MASKED SINGER: Crocodile. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Michael Becker/FOX.

Crocodile: "A special set of keys reversed my game forever. Tic-tac-whoa."

  • Song: "It's My Life," by Bon Jovi
  • Strength: "Tough skin"
  • Weakness: "Quick to snap"
  • Voice-over: "Welcome to lover's lagoon, where soon I'll croon and make you swoon. Becoming the crocodile was a natural selection, because I'm the happiest in water. And ever since I was a kid, growing up in Hollywood surrounded by heartache and instability, I was forced to develop a thick skin. But crocodiles get a bad rap for being cold-blooded, when actually inside I'm a warm, sensitive creature who just wants to be loved back. And I can't wait to share my hidden talent as I make a wicked big splash."

The Masked Singer Holiday Sing-a-Long Preview Celebrates- Christ-Mask?
THE MASKED SINGER: Mushroom. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Michael Becker/FOX.

Mushroom: "If you want to know who's behind my mask, you'll need to figure out who's under my hats."

The Masked Singer Holiday Sing-a-Long Preview Celebrates- Christ-Mask?

Here's a look back at the preview video showcasing our contestants this season, a group that has sold more than 281 million records worldwide combined, appeared in more than 5,475 episodes of television and 151 films, appeared in five NFL Super Bowls, have four stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and one made the Time 100 Most Influential list. Following that, an earlier-released teaser that contained a ton of clues to get viewers' "dumpster fires of speculation" blazing. A queen bee? Mushrooms on what looks like a salad? A UFO? A diamond in a baseball catcher's glove? Old John Lennon-like glasses? Two old hotel room keys, one with a "34" on it? A  bowtie? There are so many that we missed, but you can catch them all (non-Pokemon-style) in the teaser below.

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