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The Outlaws: BBC Christopher Walken Comedy Caper Hits Amazon

Rejoice, strange people! The Outlaws, Stephen Merchant's shaggy dog BBC caper comedy that stars him and… yes… Christopher Walken… is coming to Amazon Prime on April 1st! The comedy, co-created by Merchant and Elgin James, co-creator of FX' Mayans M.C., features the expected bunch of diverse lawbreakers who hate each other forced to do community service who discover a big bag o' cash and decide to keep it. And it's got Christopher Walken in it!!

The Outlaws: BBC Caper Comedy with Christopher Walken Hits Amazon!
"The Outlaws" image: BBC/Amazon Studios

AND IT'S GOT CHRISTOPHER FREAKING WALKEN IN IT!! They had us at CHRISTOPHER WALKEN! Yes, it's got a bunch of stalwarts of British comedy like Merchant, Darren Boyd, Dolly Wells, and Richard E. Grant, but it's also got CHRISTOPHER WALKEN IN IT! In a comedy! A goofy British comedy!

If you're too young to know or care how Christopher Walken is, you should catch up. He was in The Deer Hunter back in 1978 but it was really the 1990s and 2000s that he really hit the peak of his Christopher Walken-ness. He was the vampire-like gangster boss lead in Abel Ferrera's seminal King of New York where he gave one of the weirdest, most unpredictable performances as a gangster ever in arguably the dirtiest, grittiest, pulpiest gangster movie to capture 1980s New York City. He had that monologue about the watch in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. That two-fer is the performances that put him on the movie map, and to top it off, he was the Cow Bell Guy in that SNL sketch. Oh yeah, he was also in the movie adaptation of Whitley Strieber's alien abduction novel Communion where, being Christopher Walken, he managed to be more alien than the aliens that allegedly abducted him. The man is a legend!

And now, he's finding a late-career resurgence in comedy with British shows like The Outlaws. Who would have expected that Christopher-freaking-Walken would come to play Dodgy Grandpa in a shaggy dog comedy? He even got the chance to destroy a piece of Banksy art in the show for real! Okay, Banksy gave permission, but of course, you'll let Christopher Walken destroy your artwork! That's a minor spoiler, but CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!

So yes, watch The Outlaws. It's got Christopher Walken in it! CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!

The Outlaws co-starring CHRISTOPHER WALKEN premieres on Amazon Prime on April 1st.

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