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The Outlaws Series 2: BBC Crime Comedy Hit to Premiere in June
Not only that, Series 2 is already done and ready to premiere on BBC One in June! Rejoice! The cast will be back, including the legendary Christopher Walken, who's currently enjoying a career resurgence in comedies like this one, fresh from destroying a piece of Banksy artwork at the end of Series 1 (with Banksy's[...]
The Outlaws: BBC Caper Comedy with Christopher Walken Hits Amazon!
Rejoice, strange people! The Outlaws, Stephen Merchant's shaggy dog BBC caper comedy that stars him and… yes… Christopher Walken… is coming to Amazon Prime on April 1st! The comedy, co-created by Merchant and Elgin James, co-creator of FX' Mayans M.C., features the expected bunch of diverse lawbreakers who hate each other forced to do community[...]
The Outlaws: Christopher Walken Destroys Banksy Art For Real!
The series was created and written by longtime Ricky Gervais collaborator Stephen Merchant who also stars in it with Rhianne Barreto, Darren Boyd, Gamba Cole, Eleanor Tomlinson, Jessica Gunning, Clare Perkins, Aiyana Goodfellow, Ian McElhinney, Nina Wadia, Dolly Wells… and Christopher Walken! "The Outlaws" cast photo, BBC And in this week's episode, the Series 1 finale, Walken[...]
The Deer Hunter is releasing on 4K Blu-ray for the first time.
The film won five Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor for Christopher Walken, Best Sound, and Best Film Editing The Deer Hunter was named the 53rd best film of all-time on the AFI 100 list, and has been featured on numerous best of lists over the years The film has also[...]
Christopher Walken And The Celebrity Cats
But, that aside… it has Christopher Walken in it and he's teamed up with a bunch of internet sensation cats It also has Kevin Spacey and Robbie Amell… but that's not important The featurette below focuses on Walken and the different cats he has to work with while filming the movie And come on, there[...]
Jeremy Luke And Joey Russo To Star In Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys – UPDATED
Based on the billion dollar Broadway musical, Clint Eastwood's film version of Jersey Boys has just added two actors to its bill. THR are reporting that Jeremy Luke And Joey Russo will join Christopher Walken, who will star as Angelo "Gyp" DeCarlo, in the roles of Donnie and Joe "Joey" Pesci respectively[...]