The Sandman: Sturridge Sounded Dream-y; Gaiman Would Love 1602 Series

So the last time we checked in on The Sandman creator, EP & co-writer Neil Gaiman (Good Omens, Coraline); EP, co-writer & showrunner Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman, Grey's Anatomy); and EP & co-writer David S. Goyer's (The Dark Knight, Foundation) upcoming Netflix adaptation, it was "Geeked Week" and Gaiman was serving as viewers' tour guide for a look behind the scene while showing off previews of some very familiar sets and props as well as design art for the series. In addition, Tom Sturridge (Morpheus/Dream) and Gwendoline Christie (Lucifer) were on hand offering their thoughts on what's to come. Now a little more than a month later, we're checking in with Gaiman for two interesting bits of intel- one set in The Sandman universe and one that would end up being set in the MCU universe.

The Sandman announcement key art. (Image: Netflix)
The Sandman announcement key art. (Image: Netflix)

In this first tweet, Gaiman offers some more insight into the series' choice for the lead, explaining that while Sturridge has the look for Dream it was the way he read the lines that brought Morpheus to mind for him:

The second tweet takes Gaiman into the Marvel Universe with a question about his 2003 limited comic book series Marvel 1602 (written by Gaiman, penciled by Andy Kubert, and digitally painted by Richard Isanove; with Scott McKowen illustrating distinctive scratchboard covers). Set in an alternate timeline that finds a number of familiar Marvel characters in the 1600s, the series found mutants hunted and persecuted as "Witchbreed" while our alt-reality heroes ("Peter Parquagh" is our favorite name) must once again save the world from destruction. With Marvel Studios really selling viewers on the MCU's multiverse making pretty much anything possible, Gaiman was asked if would like to see the series adapted by Disney Plus. As you'll see in the tweet below, he's all for it. But check the "fine print" via a further response before getting excited that Gaiman will be taking on another series (especially with Good Omens 2 starting in October. "I wouldn't be making the 1602 series. And Mark [Buckingham ] is drawing Miracleman, even as we tweet.," Gaiman clarified in a follow-up.

Stemming from Warner Bros. TV, Netflix's The Sandman stars Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Vivienne Acheampong, Boyd Holbrook, Charles Dance, Asim Chaudhry, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Mason Alexander Park, Donna Preston, Jenna Coleman, Niamh Walsh, Joely Richardson, David Thewlis, Kyo Ra, Stephen Fry, Razane Jammal, Sandra James Young, and Patton Oswalt. Now here's a look at the behind-the-scenes featurette released for The Sandman– and see how many easter eggs you can find hiding out in the background and on the set:

A rich blend of modern myth and dark fantasy in which contemporary fiction, historical drama, and legend are seamlessly interwoven, The Sandman follows the people and places affected by Morpheus, the Dream King, as he mends the cosmic — and human — mistakes he's made during his vast existence.

"For the last thirty-three years, the Sandman characters have breathed and walked around and talked in my head. I'm unbelievably happy that now, finally, they get to step out of my head and into reality. I can't wait until the people out there get to see what we've been seeing as Dream and the rest of them take flesh, and the flesh belongs to some of the finest actors out there," said Gaiman in a statement coinciding with the initial casting news. "This is astonishing, and I'm so grateful to the actors and to all of The Sandman collaborators — Netflix, Warner Bros., DC, to Allan Heinberg and David Goyer, and the legions of crafters and geniuses on the show — for making the wildest of all my dreams into reality."

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