The Venture Bros. Canceled by Network That Wants More Venture Bros?

So after 7 season, 81 episodes, and 16+ years, series creator Jackson Publick made it official earlier this week: The Venture Bros. had been canceled by Adult Swim. Except we're not sure anyone told Adult Swim. Though Publick revealed that he was notified of the decision "a few months ago" by Cartoon Network's late-night animation block, it sure sounded like Adult Swim was having some kind of second thoughts. As more cable networks and streaming services look to build up their respective adult animation libraries, it would be smart to not fully cut ties with creators whose show has such a loyal fanbase. Maybe that explains why Adult Swim wanted to come across almost as if they were shocked by the news in their post, though we have a question for the network. If you really "want more Venture Bros." then what have you been "working" on over the past "few months" to make things happen?

A look at The Venture Bros. (Image: Adult Swim)
A look at The Venture Bros. (Image: Adult Swim)

Here's a look at what Adult Swim posted when everything first went down:

Maybe some of that has to do with Publick revealing that he and co-writer Doc Hammer (aka Eric Hammer) were in the middle of writing the eighth season when the word came down from the network. Could be too much good content to let go to waste. While we're sure to find out if that tweet has some meat to it or was posted to pacify the fanbase soon enough, Hammer took to Facebook to express his appreciation for the love and support the fans have given the show- and possibly teasing "another baby" coming from the Hammer and Publick?

Here's a look at Publick's original tweet, announcing the end to the long-running series:

Voice actor James Urbaniak took to Twitter not long after Publick's post to express his appreciation for being a part of the series and being able to voice Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture. Here's a look at Urbaniak post:

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