The View: Ted Cruz Hit with Stormy Reception Even Cancun Can't Save

At this point, what's there left to say about U.S. Senator Ted Cruz that the stink of disgust & laughter that results from saying his name doesn't already address? Taking part in the next leg of what feels like his "If You Think I'm Hated in Texas, Then Let Me Show You How Much I'm Hated Outside of Texas" tour, Cruz made his way to New York City this week as part of his book tour. Having not seen the book, we cannot say if it's filled with lots of pictures, word searches, sudoku puzzles, and connect-the-dots. It could… maybe it doesn't? But what we do know is that he received exactly the reception you would expect during Sunday night's Houston Astros-New York Yankees, with obscenities hurled out of respect & middle fingers extended to let Cruz know he was number one in a special way. And then there was today's episode of ABC's The View, with Cruz being met by protestors in the audience calling out Cruz and others on climate change. And this was one storm that Cruz couldn't fly away to Cancun from.

the view
Image: NBC Screencap, ABC Screencap

During his rambling verbal manifesto, Cruz got to a part where he pretended to know something about inflation when protestors in the audience caught him off. Reportedly, the comments included such controversial statements like, "Cover climate now!" In response, co-host Whoopi Goldberg addressed the women by asking them to give the hosts a chance to do their jobs, responding, "Ladies, excuse us. Let us do our job! We hear what you all have to say, but you gotta go. You gotta let us do our job." And then co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin joked with Cruz after the interruption, dropping, "They weren't even protesting you." Ummm… someone needs to do a little better research on their guests before airtime. But that wasn't the last of it, as another member of the audience shouted something at Cruz that was "interested" enough to get dumped, and the show cut to a commercial. After the unplanned break, co-host Ana Navarro apologized to Cruz for what happened "in our house," a move that brings back memories of just how thrilled Jenny McCarthy was when Rudy Giuliani was revealed on FOX's The Masked Singer.

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