The Walking Dead Video Compares Negan to His Comic Book Counterpart

Fans of AMC's Walking Dead universe still have a few months to go until Fear the Walking Dead returns for a sixth season, and your guess is as good as ours as to when spinoff series The Walking Dead: World Beyond and the original series' Greg Nicotero-directed tenth season finale will see the light of day. So with a little time to kill, the fine folks at Skybound are following up their comparison of Paola Lazaro's Juanita Sanchez aka Princess with her comic book counterpart by giving Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan the similar treatment.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Neganin The Walking Dead, courtesy of AMC.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Neganin The Walking Dead, courtesy of AMC.

From the Lucille-wielding Saviors leader who preached about putting on our "sh***ing pants" to the (mostly) redeemed member of the community who's a favorite of Judith's (Cailey Fleming) and Alpha's (Samantha Morton) final vision before shuffling off this mortal coil. But with series showrunner and executive producer Angela Kang constantly looking to surprise comic book fans by "remixing" what they're expecting on the screen, let's take a look at just how close (or far off) the printed page Negan is to his televised counterpart:

Last week, Morgan and Hilarie Burton called into SiriusXM's EW Live to promote their AMC quarantine talk show Friday Night In with the Morgans and was asked for any updates he might have on the season finale as well as the eleventh season. While not able to offer an official timeframe, Morgan's feeling is that in "four or five months from now we'll get to see it". Morgan liked the idea of the finale becoming a one-off event episode, "and his referring to it as "almost a Walking Dead movie" has us curious as to what the final runtime will be for the finale. As for what fans can expect, Morgan believes that viewers will see a number of plot points reach some level of conclusion in the "big massive episode."

Morgan continued, "I think obviously things are going to come to some sort of a head with the Beta and his character, There has to be some sort of a resolution. Whether that carries over to next season. I'll leave that open, because who knows. But we know he's coming to wipe everybody out with his zombie horde so hopefully, we'll see that come to a head at some point." While the writers have been busy plugging away on next season's scripts, does Morgan know how things are looking for season 11? Sorry, fans: he's as in the dark as the rest of us: "Who knows when we go back to work. I certainly don't know when production is going to start again on The Walking Dead. When we're going to see season 11 of The Walking Dead is such a f***ing mystery right now. It's just a big question mark."

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