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The Walking Dead S11E05 Preview: Judith's Willing to Go "Pulp Fiction"
And that means Judith (Cailey Fleming) stepping up to train the children on how to survive- including Anabelle Holloway's Gracie, Kien Michael Spiller's Hershel, and Antony Azor's RJ But when a group of teens decides to bully Judith and make things personal, they learn pretty quickly why no one with the name "Grimes" should ever[...]
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But this week, those two concepts collided in a very cool way with Cailey Fleming (aka Judith Grimes) taking on a very important role in the MCU via Marvel Studios and Disney+'s Tom Hiddleston-starring Loki In "The Nexus Event," viewers are offered a flashback to Sylvie's (Sophia Di Martino) backstory with the Time Variance Authority (TVA)- and guess[...]
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While Jeffrey Dean Morgan clued us in on it a few days, Cailey Fleming (Judith) made it official with an impromptu reunion with Cooper Andrews (Jerry) signaling that production on the 24-episode 11th and final season is officially underway. Image: AMC Here's a look at Fleming's post, followed by a confirmation from Skybound's TWD account:   View this post[...]
The Walking Dead answers, Who Is The Governor? (Image: Skybound_
Bringing in the holiday cheer was Lauren Cohan, Melissa McBride, Josh McDermitt, Khary Payton, Eleanor Matsuura, Cooper Andrews, Cassady McClincy, Lauren Ridloff, Cailey Fleming, Emily Kinney, IronE Singleton, TWD Universe Chief Content Officer Scott M Gimple, and TWD Showrunner and Executive Producer Angela Kang At this point, if you haven't watched it yet? We're throwing[...]
The Walking Dead released their annual Thanksgiving TWDU image- are we reading too much into it? (Image: Skybound/AMC Networks)
Airing exclusively on AMC+ and hosted by Chris Hardwick, the hour-long special features current and past cast members from The Walking Dead joining via video chat to talk about the holiday season and look back on a decade of the franchise series, as well as offer viewers behind-the-scenes stories on set and tease what viewers[...]
The Walking Dead: In Production - Upcoming Episode "Home Sweet Home"
What follows is a look at the virtual table read from the upcoming TWD episode titled "Home Sweet Home," featuring Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), Melissa McBride (Carol), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Angel Theory (Kelly), Cassady McClincy (Lydia), Cailey Fleming (Judith), and Khary Payton (serving as narrator here). The Walking Dead: In Production – Upcoming Episode[...]
A Father in the Apocalypse | The Walking Dead
Though he lost Carl (Chandler Riggs) along the way, his "legacy" lives on through "she's-too-much-a-Grimes-to-be-a-Shane" Judith (Cailey Fleming), and the son he had with Michonne (Danai Gurira) but never "lived long enough" to meet, Rick "RJ" Grimes, Jr (Antony Azor). Rick and Carl in The Walking Dead (Image: AMC) In case you forgot and were wondering why[...]
Maggie returns to The Walking Dead (Image: AMC).
When it comes to The Walking Dead, you really can't blame viewers: when we last left our heroes, Judith (Cailey Fleming), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and more found themselves cornered in an abandoned hospital with a Beta (Ryan Hurst)-led horde of walkers on all sides The only way out? Daryl (Norman Reedus),[...]
It's like a full-on Game of Thrones super war battle." Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes in The Walking Dead, courtesy of AMC Networks. From the way Reedus describes it, readers could take his description and interchange it with a Game of Thrones actor's from the series run Though to be clear? If[...]