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the walking dead
Smith. Rosita (Christian Serratos): Would take the award for the hottest, steamiest pairing. Jesus (Tom Payne): Only downside? Between the two, shower drains constantly clogged with hair. Princess (Paola Lázaro): The perfect combination of rough backstory and manic energy for super-serious Daryl. The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 18 "Find Me": An adventure for Daryl and Carol (Melissa McBride)[...]
The Walking Dead answers: Who is Hershel? (Image: Skybound)
Previous editions have introduced us to Paola Lazaro's Juanita Sanchez aka Princess, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, Tom Payne's Jesus, Melissa McBride's Carol, David Morrissey's The Governor aka Philip Blake, Rosita (Christian Serratos), and Tyreese (Chad Coleman) This edition take s a look at the late Scott Wilson's Hershel Greene and his printed page persona, with[...]