Tony Khan: Double or Nothing Kicked the Crap Out of WrestleMania

Ahead of Saturday's All Out PPV, AEW President Tony Khan hosted a media conference call like a Sea World employee holding a bucker of fish above a tank of trained seals, except the trained seals were wrestling journalists. The fish was delicious morsels of quotable answers to questions that could be swallowed whole and transformed into the clickbait articles that fuel the 24-hour wrestling news cycle. I mean, we're looking at possibly a dozen articles out of this one call, a fine way to spend an hour on a Thursday afternoon.

Orange Cassidy's thoughts on Chris Jericho on last night's AEW Dynamite mirror Tony Khan's thoughts about WrestleMania. (Credit: AEW)
Orange Cassidy's thoughts on Chris Jericho on last night's AEW Dynamite mirror Tony Khan's thoughts about WrestleMania. (Credit: AEW)

Anyway, inside Khan's bucket of tasty fish was a particularly meaty piece of tuna when Khan dropped a bombshell on competitor WWE's biggest PPV of the year. Khan was talking about what he's learned in his time as a wrestling promoter, particularly during the pandemic, when he dissed WrestleMania.

"There've been such highs and lows in this pandemic, trying to do great things to come back and do Double or Nothing and do that. I thought Double or Nothing was like the bastion of ingenuity to be able to sit back, and it's like, okay, you know, with what we have, how can we do a great paper view?" said Khan. "I thought, and I'm sorry, I'll just be honest… We were both operating during the pandemic. I tested everybody coming in."

"This might be the pull-out quote of the press conference, but I'm going to say it," Khan continued. "I thought Double, or Nothing kicked the crap out of WrestleMania. It was a much better pay per view. We were both operating under difficult circumstances. I think ours, we were fortunate, it was a little bit later in the pandemic, and we had implemented testing and were doing testing at that time. But when we did Double or Nothing, we were still the only ones doing testing. So it wasn't like, you know… We had a good testing plan at that point. And what we came out with and did at that point, to set up a bubble and do that pay per view, I was so proud of it. We've come a long way since Double or Nothing."

AEW's All Out PPV will air this Saturday on B/R Live and the Fite app, depending on where you're located (or where your VPN claims you are located).

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