Warrior: Justin Lin Campaigns for HBOMax Move, More Seasons

Warrior is a quality show that just finished its second season on cable channel Cinemax. There are no plans to renew it for a third season because Cinemax is no longer going to produce any original drama, relying instead on running theatrical movies. The series follows Ah Sam (Andrew Koji), a half-white Chinese man who comes to 1870s San Francisco in search of his sister Mai Ling (Diane Doan), only to step into a tangled internecine war between Chinese gangs led by Ah Toy (Olivia Cheng), the racist Irish mob and the cops. Imagine Deadwood with Asian-Americans and martial arts.

"Warrior" still, Cinemax, HBOMax
"Warrior" still, Cinemax, HBOMax

The show is intricately plotted, relentlessly violent, and filled with martial arts action. It's probably the best show on cable you haven't seen.

Now director and producer Justin Lin, who also turned the Fast and the Furious movies into a blockbuster movie franchise, has taken to Twitter to ask for fans and newcomers to support the show as it moves to streaming on HBOMax.



Six years ago, Shannon Lee shared with me an eight page treatment by her late father Bruce Lee about a show named WARRIOR, along with notes and sketches from is personal diary. Together, we committed to bringing those pages to life. I still consider that moment to be the one of the highlights of my career.

Like all worthwhile journeys the one with WARRIOR has been filled with stories of overcoming obstacles. When we were told recreating 1800s San Francisco with our budget was impossible, we found a studio and an amazing crew in South Africa whose craftsmanship is one of the highlights of the show. In Jonathan Tropper, we not only found the perfect creative partner but but an amazing storyteller who had a natural connection with Bruce Lee's vision and his relentless push to challenge any convention. And after almost a year's search, we were lucky to be joined by a group of one of the most talented and committed casts I've ever worked with. 50 years after Bruce Lee conceived the idea, I think we made the show he would have been proud of.

The reason I'm writing this is that we need your help with our last obstacle. Though we were able to complete two seasons of WARRIOR, the network it was on will no longer be producing original content.

The good news is that WARRIOR is now available on HBOMax and on all HBO platforms. All I'm asking is for you to share some time with us. It's an immersive world filled with compelling characters and powerful stories. If you're a fan of action or the martial arts genre, you'll definitely enjoy it. And if you like it, please share with friends and on social media. That's it.

Right now there are no plans for season 3 and beyond, but speaking for everyone on the WARRIOR creative team, we still have a lot more stories to tell.

Our goal is to keep building our community and if enough people share our passion, we'll be able to keep our journey and Bruce Lee's vision alive and thriving.

Thank you



This makes sense. There's plenty of Asian movies and TV series on HBOMax – they just don't make any real effort to let viewers know they exist. Warrior is a quality show and deserves more than it's gotten. A higher viewership and support on social media might give the streamer reason to greenlight more seasons. It's worth it. It's the only Asian-American action series out there right now, and better than you expect.

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