Watch Braun Strowman Return, Kick Ass in Smackdown Video Highlights

Last night, WWE aired the final Smackdown before the Royal Rumble. Normally, Chad writes these clickbait articles with the video highlights from the previous night's Smackdown, but I'm going to be honest with you people: nobody has heard from Chad since Thursday, when we had to send him home mid-article since he was clearly in the middle of having some kind of breakdown. Frankly, I'd say that's extremely unprofessional of him to do that in the middle of an article, but, well, it's Bleeding Cool. I mean, we've kept Rich Johnston employed here for years. So whatever. What were were talking about? Oh yeah. Smackdown.

Braun Strowman returned on WWE Smackdown last night, just in time for the Royal Rumble
Braun Strowman returned on WWE Smackdown last night, just in time for the Royal Rumble

The point is, I'm handling business for The Chadster today, so let's see. Here's what happened on Smackdown last night: Daniel Bryan cut a promo that led to a challenge from Raw star AJ Styles, Bianca Belair kicked Bayley's ass, Baron Corbin kicked Dominik Mysterio's ass, Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens said very mean things to each other in a dual interview, Daniel Bryan fought AJ Styles, which led to a six-man tag, which led to a 9-man handicap match, which led to a 10-man tag, which led to the return of Braun Strowman.

Got it? Good. Now watch Smackdown all over again in video clip form.

Video Highlights from WWE Smackdown – January 29th, 2021

I interrupt this stream of videos to say the word "Smackdown." No, seriously. There's a robot that looks at all the articles we publish on Bleeding Cool and rates them for SEO effectiveness based on arbitrary criteria such as how many times you say the word "Smackdown" and I am contractually obligated to comply with this robot's wishes. That's the business these days, folks. Anyway, back to the videos…

Bleeding Cool has a problem. The Scrooge McDuck style vault in which we store our clicks is constantly being depleted. And we need your help to solve this problem, which is why the powers that be have demanded I include this SEO keyword-rich text to drive more clicks, which are like the very blood that flows within our veins.

WWE Smackdown, launched in 1999 during the heart of the Attitude Era and arguably WWE's flagship weekly television show since moving to broadcast television, aires live each week on Fox at 8PM Eastern on Friday nights and features top stars including Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, and Daniel Bryan. Smackdown is also available to stream on Hulu the next day after airing, and can be viewed in the form of video clips on YouTube and animated gifs on Twitter, which some say is actually the best way to watch it. Bleeding Cool also provides a weekly recap to catch up anyone who missed the show.

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