We May Have Donald Trump to Thank for Bret Hart's 2010 WWE Return

Thirteen years after "The Montreal Screwjob," Bret Hart returned to WWE for a program with Vince McMahon. Facing McMahon at WrestleMania 26, it was the first time Hart had stepped in the ring since a match with Big Sexy Kevin Nash in WCW in October of 2000. But in a recent episode of his Confessions of the Hitman podcast, Hart revealed that a very surprising figure inspired him to lace up his boots again: WWE Hall-of-Famer and current lame-duck President of the United States, Donald Trump!

Bret Hart appears on WWE's The Bump podcast to talk about SummerSlam.
Bret Hart appears on WWE's The Bump podcast to talk about SummerSlam.

"It's kind of funny because I watched Vince wrestle Donald Trump – I'm pretty sure it was Vince – and I remember going, 's**t, I could do that! I could wrestle Vince," said Hart according to a transcription of his comments by Wrestling Inc. "I could do something, at least as much as Trump's pulling off here.' I remember, I thought about it, and I had my knee replaced, and I remember running up the stairs in the house in Hawaii, and the phone was ringing, and I remember when I ran up the stairs, I thought, 'I just ran up the stairs!' Like, that's amazing. That's a miracle all by itself."

So it looks like, whatever you think of Donald Trump as a man, a president, and a pro wrestler, we can at least give him credit for helping Bret Hart put his past behind him and reclaim his WWE legacy. More importantly, Donald Trump was just about as good at wrestling as he's been at being president, so does that mean that Bret Hart could get inspired again ("s**t, I could do that! I could be president!") and decide to become the next president of the United States? Unfortunately, Hart is a Canadian, which means he's currently ineligible to become president. Then again, it's not like the Constitution means much these days, so maybe we can bend the rules just a little bit for President Hitman.

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