"Westworld" Season 3: Our Deep-Dive Into HBO's "In The Weeks Ahead" Trailer

Time for another episode of "Westworld Speculation with Eden"! No, this isn't totally about fan theories, but more of a look ahead at the season and speculation as to where it all could be headed and what we may be in for next Sunday evening.

Now, in case you weren't already clued in, this of course is all about spoilers through the first episode of season 3, so if you're not caught up and care about that sort of thing, it might help get up to speed.


Ready? So, HBO released a video that's a peek into what's ahead these coming weeks, and I am so here for it. It confirms ideas and presents a whole scope of new ones – bring on the conflict and plot twists!

So, for starters – Maeve IS in another Delos park – this one is Nazi Germany flavored. Hooray…

It also looks like Delores has worked out the kinks Delos couldn't in creating host copies of other people – but the main difference is that she isn't interested in straight up cloning a replacement human, she builds them with knowledge that they are a copy – a better version.

That's where the former experiments failed – they tried to be good, and Delores won because she embraced that she's using it for bad. I'm super intrigued to see where this leads – ten bucks says that the host version of Tommy Flanagan is running around with Teddy in his brains. But then again, it could be someone more violent. Time will tell.


Speaking of time, I feel like Maeve is on a different timeline than Delores. Bear with me: hosts don't age, so we see the same characters, but have no way of knowing when it's happening based on them alone. Maeve has almost exclusively been in the park and the Mesa, so we don't know exactly when she is.

The fact that Maeve is still in a park is interesting and brings up another interesting idea I've had rolling around in my mind for awhile: what if this "real world" Delores is in actually future world, yet another Delos park, and this is all just part of Ford's elaborate scheme to destroy Delos from the inside?

For the record, NaziWorld is kind of a terrible park idea and I have many questions for people who willingly want to immerse themselves in the WWII experience, even just for the satisfaction of repeatedly massacring Hitler. But Futureworld sounds dope and less violent and with 100% less Nazis and terror.

What if Delos knows there's a host uprising every so often, and they've seen this before? Could it be possible that Maeve and Delores are more or less the same, but at different points in time? Westworld loves to play with the timelines – we saw that especially in season 1. Could what's ahead in season 3 be a return to form of sorts?

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