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We take a look at what the future holds for Westworld, courtesy of HBO.
The bomb goes off in the season 3 episode though with Caleb and Dolores fighting their way through the humans finally taking charge of something and revolting against the constraints of their society and breaching Incite to take down Serac, Rheobaum, and anybody who stands in their way Well, sort of There were a lot[...]
The lines of reality continue to blur on Westworld, courtesy of HBO.
Besides, there are spoilers in this article, and it really is worth it to watch it all unfold in the episode; it's crafted beautifully from every angle, especially story-wise, so go watch it if you haven't already. Dolores and Serac meet on Westworld, courtesy of HBO. So, now let's talk first about the twist; Incite, like Delos,[...]
How dope was that lute cover of the Westworld theme? HBO My own dorkiness (and love of lute) aside, it feels like story-wise they're beating this story into the ground until the very end, when we see one Engerraund Serac (Vincent Cassel), the co-founder of Incite I sure hope Maeve does her research before getting involved with[...]