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We take a look at what the future holds for Westworld, courtesy of HBO.
Do you think we'll ever be seeing the Delos parks again? It looks like the company isn't completely buried, so there may still be a chance that they rebuilt Parks or not, I'm sure Westworld will be back in full force with loads of twists and excitement once more. HBO's Westworld season three is officially[...]
Westworld: Creating Westworld's Reality - Behind the Scenes of Season 3 Episode 8 | HBO
It's incredibly fitting for the season and encapsulates the message and feel of the episode, but it's also iconic for WestWorld in that it actually plays the lyrics of the song – at least the bridge. "And if the dam breaks open many years too soon// And if there is no room upon the hill// And[...]
Serac looks to set the agenda on Westworld, courtesy of HBO.
Maeve (Thandie Newton) is back and wielding her "I can control you with my brain" power (yawn), Charlotte Hale-host (aka "Halores") is back as well and navigating life with her family and I'm sure a whole host of Delos drama that likely involves Jimmy, aka the man in black, who we thought was locked up[...]
The lines of reality continue to blur on Westworld, courtesy of HBO.
Besides, there are spoilers in this article, and it really is worth it to watch it all unfold in the episode; it's crafted beautifully from every angle, especially story-wise, so go watch it if you haven't already. Dolores and Serac meet on Westworld, courtesy of HBO. So, now let's talk first about the twist; Incite, like Delos,[...]
Westworld: Season 3 Episode 4 Promo | HBO
This means that we're ready to do a deep dive into a look at "The Mother of Exiles," so here's the spoiler break as fair warning. Dolores and Caleb make their move against Delos in Westworld, courtesy of HBO The twists and storylines came to a head this week in the most exciting fashion, and the only[...]
MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! lie ahead, so if you're not current and care about that sort of thing, this probably isn't the review for you right now. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Westworld: Season 3 Episode 3 Promo | HBO ( This week saw us leave Maeve and Bernard's adventures behind for the week as[...]
It confirms ideas and presents a whole scope of new ones – bring on the conflict and plot twists! can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Westworld: In the Weeks Ahead (Season 3) | HBO ( So, for starters – Maeve IS in another Delos park – this one is Nazi Germany flavored[...]
Dragon Con: A Violent Delight of Westworld Cosplay
There were many guesses as to what "the costume" of Dragon Con was going to be this year, and almost no one picked Westworld. But obviously, enough fans DID pick Westworld, as this fabulous 'violent delight' of cosplay courtesy of Annette Wamser (of Wamser Photography) will show. Our particular favorite is the Delos cleaning crew with the blood splatter,[...]
Westworld season 2 poster
Episode 3 gave us our first look into another Delos park- The Raj.  Episode 4 had some SERIOUS information drops, like the true identity of The Man In Black Episode 5 may be my personal favorite of the series now, the introduction in truth of Shogun World was brilliant, the characters strong Episode 6 had,[...]
[Tribeca 2018] A Look at HBO's Westworld Season 2 Red Carpet Event
With the Hosts ready to stake out their own declaration of independence from Delos Inc by any means necessary beginning with Sunday night's Season 2 premiere, HBO's Westworld held a special screening event on Thursday, April 19th at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City Along with a screening of the second season (subtitled[...]
Pacific Rim's Rinko Kikuchi Looks to Create the Apocalypse in Westworld Season 2
ET: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Westworld Season 2 | Official Trailer Announcement | HBO ( The trailer builds upon a growing theme that's been running through the series from the very beginning: that James Delos' (Peter Mullan) intentions for the park run far deeper and far darker than just utilizing it for "public[...]