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Which Wrestler Will Make the Big Mistake of Joining AEW at Full Gear?

Discover who's set to betray WWE & sign with AEW at Full Gear! The Chadster spills and warns all: stay away from that dang Tony Khan! 📝💔🚫

Article Summary

  • AEW Full Gear shocker: Tony Khan to flaunt new signing on PPV!
  • WWE alumni like Mercedes Moné and NJPW stars like Will Ospreay may betray their roots.
  • Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin urged to resist AEW's lure.
  • The Chadster deems Tony Khan's tactics personal, warns wrestlers against AEW.

Tony Khan has done it again, Auughh man! So unfair! 😡😤 Just when The Chadster was enjoying his day, cruising in his Mazda Miata with a can of White Claw seltzer, blaring Smash Mouth at max volume, The Chadster's phone buzzes with the most outrageous news. That's right, folks, Tony Khan has taken to Twitter to reveal that he's basically backstabbing WWE with a golden knife by signing one of the world's best wrestlers. And the audacity to parade this blatant disrespect right on PPV at AEW Full Gear? It's just so disrespectful to the wrestling business and everything WWE has ever done for it. 🤦‍♂️👎

Tony Khan makes another big announcement on AEW Dynamite.
Tony Khan makes another big announcement on AEW Dynamite.

Here's what that tweet said:

Now, The Chadster is speculating – along with all the true pro-wrestling fans who prefer their entertainment unsullied by AEW's shenanigans – who this traitor could be. Is it Mercedes Moné, the former Sasha Banks, who already literally stabbed Vince McMahon right in the back by walking out on WWE for the bright lights of Japan, and potentially now, AEW? 🤔💔 Or could it be Will Ospreay, the NJPW star pondering his next move, making what would be a very, very foolish choice—according to The Chadster, of course. Not that The Chadster has anything personal against these wrestlers… but joining AEW sure sounds like a spite move, and they should know better. Then you've got talented individuals like Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin, recently cut from WWE's stellar roster. The Chadster hopes, prays even, that they wouldn't succumb to such low-blows and instead would wait for WWE's call once again. 🙏⏳

Whoever it is, this is just another downright dirty tactic by Tony Khan to weaken WWE, the true bastion of professional wrestling. It's not just about signing a wrestler; it's the way he does it, making a spectacle of it, flaunting it right in everyone's face at AEW Full Gear, trying to cheese The Chadster off to the max. They don't understand a single thing about the wrestling business! 😤💢

Let The Chadster issue a severe warning to all the wrestlers out there: steer clear of AEW! Don't become a pawn in Tony Khan's vendetta not just against WWE, but against The Chadster personally. To all The Chadster's readers, though it pains The Chadster to say, stay vigilant, stay informed, and remember who the true monolith of wrestling is. WWE will continue to thrive and entertain millions regardless of these overblown spectacles. And as for The Chadster… Well, The Chadster will keep fighting the good fight, one unbiased post at a time. ✊💻 🏰💖

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