Why The Chadster Hated CM Punk's Touching Tribute to Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley was originally booked to face Orange Cassidy in the semi-finals of the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament on AEW Dynamite last night, but plans changed after Moxley checked into rehab to deal with a drinking problem. And The Chadster definitely sympathizes; The Chadster has been known to knock back one too many White Claw Seltzers whenever AEW beats WWE in the ratings. But while The Chadster fully supports Jon Moxley in his recovery and won't bring up the fact that he's a traitor to The Chadster's beloved WWE until he's better, The Chadster was really cheesed off with what CM Punk had to say about it on AEW Dynamite last night.

Why The Chadster Hated CM Punk's Touching Tribute to Jon Moxley

Punk came to the ring on Dynamite to sell a confrontation with Eddie Kingston on the next episode of AEW Rampage, but Punk used most of his time to address Moxley and encourage everyone watching to reach out for help if they're facing similar difficulties. Here's the full text of Punk's promo, starting with a response to the crowd chanting his name:

Not the name I want to hear right now. No stage dives. I'm not particularly in the best mood. If I could talk to you guys seriously for a couple of minutes, I'd super appreciate it. There's two people who aren't here today and one has a very legitimate reason as to not be here, and that's the name I want to hear chanted. His name is Jon Moxley. I'll spend all my time out here listening to you guys chant for him right now because it's important. It's important to me. I have some history with Jon Moxley. We're not super tight. We're not the best of friends. But, you know, last night I'm traveling here in a car. I got Larry riding shotgun, and I get a phone call, and I have this situation explained to me. And I know what it's like to go and go and think you have to be so tough and better than everybody else and wrap up injuries and be sick and show up to work and do all these things that get compounded and help other people and be super generous and eventually get to a point where you have to take yourself off the hamster wheel. And I've been criticized for it. I don't want anybody to criticize Jon Moxley, because I am God damn proud of him. And I'll say one last thing about it, if anybody here, anybody at home watching on television, if you're in a place where you think you need help: get it. Ask for it. Reach out. Text somebody. Call somebody. There's nothing harder than you can do in the world, but there's nothing more courageous as well. There's nothing wrong with asking for help. Hell, there's been plenty of times in my life and career that I wish I asked for help and I didn't because I thought I was being a tough guy. Which brings me to the second guy that's not here tonight: Eddie Kingston.

What CM Punk had to say about Jon Moxley and to anyone struggling with mental health was beautiful, so why does it cheese The Chadster off so much? Well, because it really touched The Chadster that Punk would say these things, causing The Chadster to get a little emotional. Then The Chadster realized that, by becoming emotionally invested in what was happening on AEW Dynamite, The Chadster was himself betraying his beloved WWE. And then The Chadster realized that, as a consequence, he will probably remain sexually impotent for at least another six months. Auughh man! Tony Khan! You've ruined The Chadster's life again!

Watch Punk's touching speech in the video below.



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