WWE Clash of Champions – Lucha House Party vs. Cesaro and Nakamura

Welcome to Bleeding Cool's live coverage of WWE Clash of Champions. We watch this crap so you don't have to! The Clash of Champions pre-show featured the usual panel discussions and matches featuring whoever is valued so little WWE couldn't make room for them on the main show. That includes the Smackdown tag team champions, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, as well as their challengers, the slowly fracturing Lucha House Party. Sorry, fellas, but no one is really surprised by this.

WWE Clash of the Champions key art (Image: WWE)
WWE Clash of the Champions key art (Image: WWE)

WWE Clash of Champions Results – Lucha House Party vs. Cesaro and Nakamura

  • The champs are pretty much just props in this storyline, which has been based on the ongoing slow motion breakup of Lucha House Party. Though Gran Metalik and that damn furry, Lince Dorado, were holding things down while Kalisto was out with an injury, since he returned, he's been displaying very heelish tendencies, such as acting very arrogantly and wearing a fedora on top of his luchadore mask.
  • Lince Dorado and Kalisto are the ones wrestling tonight. It mostly consists of Dorado getting his ass whooped in the ring while Kalisto stands on the apron and makes frustrating gestures.
  • Cesaro's timing is off tonight as at one point, as Dorado was crawling for the tag, he took too long and Dorado had to just kinda sit there in his own corner waiting for Cesaro to run over and kick Kalisto off the apron.
  • Eventually Dorado gets what the kids call the hot tag. Kalisto comes in and wrecks Cesaro, and then they do a cool spot where Kalisto tries to do a diving DDT through the ropes to the outside but Cesaro catches him, then Dorado dives to help him pull off the DDT. But after a big finale of flips Cesaro ends up kicking out of a moonsault.
  • Nakamura suplexes Dorado into the Thunderdome and Cesaro and Nakamura get the pin with a big swing into a knee strike.

This was even more like a typical Smackdown match because nothing about the story advanced at all. I guess they had a lot of time to fill though, given two matches presumably being canceled due to "medical clearance."

Well, that was fun. Bleeding Cool's Clash of Champions coverage continues, so check back soon for the results of the next match. I'll be covering Clash of Champions all night with Chelsy Bloomfield, alternating matches so we can bring you the results as fast as possible.

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