Jeff Hardy takes on Cesaro at WWE Money in the Bank [WWE/Twitter]

Jeff Hardy's Redemption Begins Against Cesaro at WWE Money in the Bank

wrestle on the pre-show against Cesaro? Ouch Is he being punished for his brother going to AEW? Well, this is just the start of the comeback The big money match for Hardy will eventually be against.. Seamus? Oof.[caption id="attachment_1205046" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Jeff Hardy takes on Cesaro at WWE Money in the Bank [WWE/Twitter][/caption] Jeff Hardy vs[...]


WrestleMania 36 Kickoff: Drew Gulak vs. Cesaro Results [SPOILERS]

Drew Gulak and Cesaro kicked off WrestleMania 36 Saturday with a pre-show match In addition to giving us our first taste of WrestleMania without an audience, and our first look at the set, the match also proved that even though WWE may have split WrestleMania into two different nights, there's still room for someone to[...]


Cesaro Has Some Harsh Words for Beach-Ball-Loving Fans: Get the Hell Out of Here

WWE Superstar Cesaro was asked in a recent interview with Twin Cities online newspaper CityPages what he thought about the greatest opponents he's ever faced in the sport of pro wrestling: fans who bring beach balls to wrestling shows Nobody, not even rivals like Seth Rollins or Heath Slater, get the Swiss Superman as upset[...]

WWE Superstar Sheamus Mourns Tragic Death Of Fellow Competitor At SummerSlam

WWE's big Summer PPV event, SummerSlam, is in the record books, and while the show went well for many Superstars, one met a tragic early demise: the beach ball being batted around the crowd during the Tag Team Championship match between Sheamus and Cesaro vs Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.During the match, Cesaro jumped into the[...]

Thoughts On Great Balls Of Fire PPV: Entertaining, But Predictable

The PPV boasted a few good matches: a 30-minute Iron Man tag team event with The Hardy Boys vs Sheamus and Cesaro; and Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks. The ambulance match was with Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, and the main event was a title match with Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar.https://twitter.com/WWEUniverse/status/884244821258289153The matches were all pretty brutal, and[...]

Finn Balor Defeats Cesaro Via Pinfall In Monday Night Raw Match

Last night, fan-favorite Finn Balor defeated Cesaro via pinfall in an intense Monday Night Raw match.https://twitter.com/WWE/status/882062705070178306It's safe to say Cesaro wasn't pleased with the results of last week's match When Cesaro asked Kurt Angle for a rematch with Balor, Angle was more than happy to oblige Of course, things got interesting when The Hardy Boys[...]

WWE Raw: Finn Balor And The Hardy Boyz Team Up, But Do They Kick Butt?

So for tonight's Monday Night Raw six man tag team event, we saw Finn Balor and The Hardy Boyz team up against current WWE tag team title holders Cesaro and Sheamus, and annoying guitar guy Elias Samson (whom Finn has beef with already) Cesaro and Sheamus are great wrestlers on their own, and Samson is a[...]

WWE Reportedly Plans To Use Hardys' Broken Gimmick, Will Make Deal With That Owl

Whatever deal they make."That is, unless they don't make one at all."If it never happens, that means they never made the deal."Well, that's good enough for the dirt sheets, and it's good enough for us.BROKEN Matt Hardy in WWE confirmed!But though we trust Dave Meltzer implicitly, as is required for membership in good standing in[...]

Superstar Shakeup: The WWE Trades That NEED To Happen

Trust us, it's a better move.Cesaro to Smackdown[caption id="attachment_633511" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//WWE[/caption]I know, you've finally gotten used to team Celtic Swiss They even got matching pull away tuxedo tops and kilts Here's the thing: Him and Sheamus were thrown together as an experiment and it primarily got over because the fans love Cesaro so much[...]