WWE Raw Ratings Drop as Raw Underground Removes Go-Go Dancers

Last week, WWE Monday Night Raw saw an increase in ratings and viewership after hot shotting several new angles at the last minute in an attempt to boost said ratings. The two major additions to the show were Raw Underground, a fight club style presentation led by Shane McMahon that pitted wrestlers against each other in quick bouts in a gritty warehouse environment, and Retribution, an Antifa-like stable of miscreants hellbent on causing chaos for the company by breaking windows and knocking over boxes.

Raw Rating Drops as Go-Go Dancers Removed from Raw Underground (Image: WWE)

And it worked! Raw saw a rise in both ratings and viewership last week. But the new numbers from Showbuzz Daily are in, and while viewership once again slightly increased from 1.715 million viewers to 1.722 million on average across the three hours, the ratings in the key 18-49 demographic are down, from a .51 to a .47. So I scoured the show trying to figure out what changed, and the only thing I can come up with is that Raw Underground did away with the go-go dancers who were shaking their heinies during the segment last week.

With no heinie-shaking going on, viewers between the agest of 18-49 tuned out from Raw. But solving the problem isn't as easy as simply adding the go-go dancers back in because their presence was criticized for objectifying women. Therefore, the only solution that both solves the ratings issue and maintains consistency with the values of WWE's Women's Evolution is to include men in the group as well. And if WWE wants to not only fix the ratings but also improve them, The Chadster has the perfect candidate: Baron Corbin.

Yes, "The Ratings King of Friday Nights" could bring his own heinie to Raw and join the scantily-clad dancers in Raw Underground. then WWE can get the extra ratings boost from not only the sexy dancers from but Baron Corbin himself. I ran this idea past Keighleyanne, and she was like, "Chad, you just want to see Baron Corbin's butt." And I was like, "What? No. What?" But if I'm being totally honest, just here with you readers, maybe there's a little truth in that. In a totally platonic way, of course.

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