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The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So graphic, made by me, The Chadster. Graphic design is my passion.
Here's how each of the top wrestling shows performed in the Ratings Wars during Week 26 of 2021, brought to you by me, The Chadster, wrestling's last true, unbiased journalist. The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So graphic, made by me, The Chadster Graphic design is my passion. The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So – Wrestling[...]
The front page of Showbuzz Daily, which ceased updating in May.
Wrestling fans are familiar with the site and its daily ratings charts for network television and cable, but they may not have known that Showbuzz Daily is the only site to provide that kind of data to the general public, which is normally locked behind exorbitant subscription fees from Neilsen Other sites have and will[...]
This is no time to celebrate, Bobby! WWE Raw is in big trouble!
Why?! Why, God, why?! Why must you put The Chadster through so much pain and suffering?! The ratings numbers are in for WWE Raw this week, and, according to PW Torch, Raw has scored its lowest viewership of all time OF ALL TIME! This is no time to celebrate, Bobby! WWE Raw is in big trouble! From[...]
More People Watched NXT Than AEW Dynamite Last Week
Was WWE premature in moving NXT off Wednesday nights after they were bullied by AEW Dynamite? The Chadster is thinking they probably were, if the latest ratings numbers are any indication NXT defeated Dynamite last week in an epic ratings battle that saw more viewers tune into the A-show. Don't be upset, Darby Allin There's nothing[...]
The Chadster is madder than Shelton Benjamin at all the traitorous fake WWE fans who didn't watch Raw this week and caused The Chadster's favorite show to get a bad rating.
First, Showbuzz Daily, the website The Chadster normally uses for wrestling ratings numbers, is out of commission and may never return You can't imagine the stress this has caused The Chadster, going days without knowing how his beloved WWE Raw fared in the ratings It's unbearable. The Chadster is madder than Shelton Benjamin at all the[...]
Now Millennials Come for WWE Raw Ratings
Millennials act like they care so much about "important causes," but when WWE Raw needs good ratings, where are millennials? They are nowhere to be found It's a total disgrace. Showbuzz Daily had no cable charts yesterday Something happened to their website last week and they haven't fixed it yet But PW Torch had the numbers[...]
Natalya and Tamina celebrate their WWE Smackdown title win on Talking Smack
Dolph Ziggler: SmackDown, May 14, 2021 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xA3xaM7dgU) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHlpXLLmPI0Video can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Rey & Domink confident heading into WrestleMania Backlash: SmackDown Exclusive, May 14, 2021 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHlpXLLmPI0) The Ratings King of Friday Nights (who didn't do much to help WWE Smackdown in that area this week) beat Shinsuke Nakamura in a match no one cared[...]
That's right, MJF, it's time to par-tay because NXT lost fewer viewers than AEW Dynamite did this week.
On Twitter, Showbuzz Daily  posted: A note to our readers: we're having technical issues today, and will post cable ratings as soon as we can. — Mitch Metcalf/Salem (@ShowBuzzDaily) May 13, 2021 But the PW Torch twitter posted: AEW Dynamite last night drew 936,000 viewers (down from 1,090,000 last week) and 0.66 cable rating (down from 0.72 last week)[...]
NXT Ratings Plummet
And, perhaps most importantly, The Chadster dutifully tunes into every show WWE produces, every week, and then he logs onto this website and cheerfully extolls the virtues of WWE, week after week, especially The Chadster's beloved WWE NXT. Don't cry, Santos Escobar! WWE NXT will rebound one day. So why, despite all of that, despite The Chadster's[...]
Charlotte Flair is shocked to learn that some members of the WWE Universe lack the loyalty required to tune into WWE Raw each week.
With those numbers, WWE Raw took the top three spots on the cable rankings this week, according to Showbuzz Daily. Randy Orton is confused that people would pretend to be WWE fans only to turn around and not tune into WWE Raw on Monday Nights, embarrassing WWE with low ratings The Chadster doesn't get it either,[...]
Daniel Bryan will ruin the WWE Smackdown ratings no more!
Daniel Bryan was to blame for Smackdown's recent run of bad ratings, and with the leader of the Yes! Movement banned from Smackdown, it can finally begin to grow into the ratings juggernaut it was always destined to be No further evidence is required than the ratings for this week's episode of Smackdown, which show[...]
AEW Dynamite Blood and Guts was the number one rated show on cable last night. [Photo: All Elite Wrestling]
The ratings are in for AEW Dynamite Blood and Guts, and the results are good for the company, but not necessarily great Ratings were up and Dynamite was the top-ranked show on cable for the night, which is indisputably good But Viewership only barely cracked a million for the big show, failing to top the[...]
This just about sums up any feelings The Chadster has about the ratings for WWE NXT this week.
There was no joy in Orlando this week, as WWE NXT struck out in the ratings, falling another ten spots down the cable ratings charts, right out of the top twenty It's bitterly disappointing for loyal WWE NXT fans like The Chadster who tune in week after week and evangelize NXT to Bleeding Cool's millions[...]
Which of these two managers will be the scapegoat for bad Raw ratings at the next stockholder call?
Ratings and viewership for WWE Raw were slightly up this week as the hundreds of thousands of disloyal WWE fans who betrayed the company in its hour of need by tuning out after WrestleMania have been crawling back like the sad, pathetic losers they are And why should The Chadster and any other true WWE[...]
Like Bianca Belair and the Street Profits, WWE Smackdown was victorious in its ratings battle this week.
You see, WWE Smackdown's biggest rival, Shark Tank, was off the air last night in favor of the NFL draft, so, for the first time in a long time, WWE took the top spot in the ratings, tying one hour with the draft but beating it overall on average in the 18-49 demographic. Like Bianca Belair[...]