WWE Raw Report – Seth Rollins Plays Who's the Messiah With Murphy

In the second part of Bleeding Cool's WWE Monday Night Raw report, Seth Rollins delivers an ultimatum to his disciple Murphy and Kevin Owens realizes he has a "type." Welcome to Bleeding Cool's weekly WWE Raw report, where we watch this crap, so you don't have to.

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.

WWE Raw Report for October 5, 2020 Part 2

Seth Rollins and Murphy are in the ring for a tag team match. We see a video recap of the recent Mysterio family drama, with Aalyah Mysterio, who is nineteen years old in case you missed the 300 times WWE has said so, revealed to be texting with Murphy and siding with him over her family. Back in the ring, Rollins wants the microphone from Murphy. Murphy doesn't want to give it up. He says he has to get something off his chest.

For months now, Murphy has been an ideal disciple. He's done everything Seth wanted and more. But if Seth wants Murphy to continue being his disciple, he needs him to apologize. Seth says he's not apologizing to Murphy. Murphy says he wants Seth to apologize to Aalyah. Seth laughs. He rips the microphone out of Murphy's hand.

"Do you understand who you're talking to?! I saved you!" he says, pointing alternately at himself and Murphy. "Messiah! Disciple! Messiah! Disciple!"

Seth says he went easy on Aalyah. he didn't share the other DMs she and Murphy had, the ones where she talks trash about her family. He tells Murphy to get the pecking order through his head. "Disciple! Messiah! Disciple! Messiah!" Dominik Mysterio comes out with Umberto Carillo to put a stop to this nonsense. They eject Rollins and Murphy from the ring and hit tandem dives of the sort Raw often uses to… transition to a commercial break. And so it does. Then the match finally starts.

Seth Rollins and Murphy vs. Dominik Mysterio and Umberto Carillo

  • The worst part of this storyline is the wrestling. Give me Seth Rollins hosting a trash talk show every week, and I'll eat it up. But give me the same couple of guys fighting each other week after week after week for months, and it's another story. I don't know why WWE is incapable of advancing storylines unless the people feuding are constantly fighting each other every week, but it just makes it, so I stop caring long before the "real" match happens at a PPV. And in the case of this feud, how many of those "real" matches have we had by now? Jeeze.
  • Rollins and Murphy have friction during the match, which leads to one of the best dropkick sells I've seen from Murphy. Carillo hits a missile dropkick off the top rope, and Murphy just flies straight down to the mat.
  • Carillo pays him back by taking a knee strike to the face in mid-air as he dives off the top rope. Murphy gets the pin on that.

Murphy walks backstage without Rollins. Then we see Adam Pearce talking on his cell phone, trying to hire some hookers to spit on him. But Braun Strowman interrupts and demands Pearce give him a match since there's no Raw Underground again because presumably, everyone got coronavirus. Pearce says Strowman isn't a Raw superstar, so Pearce can't give him an official match. But he can give him an exhibition match, unsanctioned. Strowman says he's alright with that and walks off. Keith Lee walks up afterward and tells Pearce to sign him up. Kevin Owens heads to the ring as Raw takes a commercial break again.

Murphy is backstage when Seth Rollins accosts him. He wants to know what's gotten into his disciple. He says everything he does is for the greater good. Rollins thinks Murphy needs to apologize to Rollins. If he wants to keep being Rollins' disciple, he has until 10 PM to find Rollins and apologize. Commentary promotes a Drew McIntyre interview for later tonight, and then it's back to the ring.

The KO Show

Kevin Owens says he's normally excited to host the KO show, but tonight's has a different feel. Owens has felt different for the past few days, and he now knows why. When The Fiend touches you, you change. When he was attacked on Friday on Smackdown, it was his first time experiencing The Fiend. And Owens still feels the anger, agony, and dread. So tonight's KO Show is different. It's not about having a nice chat with his guest. He tosses the chairs and other props out of the ring. He plays a clip of the attack on Smackdown.

Owens recalls what that attack felt like. He was paralyzed. Owens doesn't know why all these tortured guys have a problem with him. Aleister Black. Bray Wyatt. What's next? The Brood? The Ministry of Darkness? He calls out Bray Wyatt… who appears on the Titantron in the Firefly Funhouse.

Wyatt thanks Owens for having him on the KO Show–he says that's what friends do and Kevin is his new friend. It's always nice to make new friends, to have someone to play ball with, have sleepovers, fingerpaint, or bury a body together. Friends are great–friends stick together through thick and thin no matter what brand they're on. Bray wrote a song about it. He sings, as do the Funhouse puppets. It's no Do the Muscle Man Dance; I'll tell you that.

He wants Owens to sing along, but Owens refuses. He says they're not friends. They could have been until Bray attacked him. He's not gonna be able to brainwash Owens. Owens wants Bray to come down to the ring, so he doesn't have to wait until Friday to beat the hell out of him.

Wyatt says that's not nice, and he doesn't like bullies. And neither does the Fiend. And Alexa Bliss is none of Owens' business. That's between her and "him." Bray says Kevin doesn't know what he's gotten himself into, but on Smackdown on Friday, he'll know.

Owens says he's not waiting until Friday on Smackdown. If Bray isn't gonna come to him, he's coming to Bray. But as he walks up the ramp, Aleister Black attacks him and gives him the Black Mass. Raw takes a commercial break.

Will this break out into one of those spontaneous matches that WWE just hopes magically materialize each week so they can fill a three-hour show? Find out in part three of Bleeding Cool's Raw report!

This post is part of a multi-part series: WWE Raw Report for October 5, 2020.

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