WWE Smackdown: Roman Reigns Family Drama Saves the Show

It's time for another edition of Bleeding Cool's WWE Smackdown recap, where we try to vastly improve the WWE experience by telling you which of the already abridged Smackdown youtube videos are worth your time to watch.

Sorry, Roman. We know you have better things to do on a Friday night than watch WWE Smackdown. Trust us. We know.
Sorry, Roman. We know you have better things to do on a Friday night than watch WWE Smackdown. Trust us. We know.

Family Feud

Smackdown's family drama opened and close the show this week, with Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso's conflict kicking off WWE Smackdown and resulting in Jey Uso walking out on both of them before the match. And of course, Rey Mysterio wanted revenge on Roman Reigns for what he did to Dominik last week.  Family drama is the best thing on Smackdown each week, so of course you should watch these clips.

Poor Sami

Sami Zayn teamed with Apollo Crews to take on Kevin Owens and Big E on WWE Smackdown this week. Zayn ate the pin so Crews didn't have to. And then, after the match, Crews blamed everything on Sami and had Commander Azeez give him the Nigerian Nail. Sami can't catch a break! But you can catch one by skipping this.

50/50 Booking

Last week, Carmella beat Liv Morgan, so this week, Liv Morgan beat Carmella. Vintage WWE! Skip it.

Sweet Revenge

Cesaro interrupted Seth Rollins on Ding Dong Hello with Bayley. He beat the crap out of Rollins and wrecked the set. Then Bianca Belair appeared to laugh at Bayley, getting revenge for last week. Perhaps the most fun segment on Smackdown this week. Give it a watch.

Otis Gets a Makeover

A singles match between Montez Ford and Chad Cable that ended in DQ would normally be a hard pass for this column, but this time, you get to see Otis interfere in the match while rocking a new look. That's right: Otis has shaved. And it's as disconcerting as you think it is. Give these a watch.

Please, no encore

We were spared Rick Boogs badly attempting to play Shinsuke Nakamura's entrance music before Nakamura beat Baron Corbin by rollup in under two minutes, but Boogs still had enough of a presence to make this segment totally obnoxious. Hopeully, it comes to some kind of conclusion next week. Skip it.

A mostly boring episode of WWE Smackdown bookended by the show's only saving grace, Roman Reigns family drama.

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