WWE Survivor Series Results – Raw vs. Smackdown Battle Royal

At WWE Survivor Series, superstars of Raw and Smackdown with nothing better to do competed in a pre-show battle royal. Who won? Find out here…

WWE Survivor Series emanates Sunday, November 22nd, from the Thunderdome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. The final WWE PPV will be broadcast from that location, as the Thunderdome is moving to Tampa Bay in December.

According to the modern Survivor Series theme, tonight's card features several Raw vs. Smackdown matches, including two traditional elimination matches, one for men and one for women. Separate but equal is WWE's philosophy when it comes to men's and women's matches… make of that what you will.

The Survivor Series Kickoff Show tonight features a cross-brand battle royal to give all the wrestlers who didn't get a spot on the main card something to do. Ir will also feature four champion vs. champion matches as Bobby Lashley takes on Sami Zayn, The New Day take on the Street Profits, Sasha Banks faces Asuka, and Drew McIntyre faces Roman Reigns.

Another big event set for Survivor Series is The Undertaker's Final Farewell, which is set to feature guest appearances by stars from the past. We won't spoil the names rumored for the show here.

WWE Survivor Series ket art for Sunday night's PPV (Image: WWE)
WWE Survivor Series ket art for Sunday night's PPV (Image: WWE)

WWE Survivor Series Results Part 1 – Dual Brand Battle Royal

There were no championship matches booked for the PPV tonight, but one title already changed hands on the pre-show when The Gobbledy Gooker surprise R-Truth and pinned him to win the 24/7 Championship. Right after that, the battle royal kicked off with the ring already full of superstars.

Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, and Murphy come to the ring. The Miz and John Morrison come out.

I see Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, Apollo Crews, Jeff Hardy, Umberto Carillo, Chad Gable, Kalisto, Robert Roode, Shunsuke Nakamura, Elias, Angel Garza, and Dolph Ziggler.

John Morrison is the first to be eliminated by Dominik Mysterio. The match is chaotic, but a few spots stand out, like a brief showdown between Rey Mysterio and Kalisto. Cedric Alexander eliminates Kalisto shortly after that. Then Dolph Ziggler eliminates Rey Mysterio.

Angel Garza eliminates Umberto Carillo. Hurt Business take our Garza. Ricochet takes out Cedric Alexander, only to be taken out by Shelton Benjamin, who is then taken out by Apollo Crews. Robert Roode takes out Murphy. Dominik Mysterio takes out Roode. Dolph Ziggler and Dominik Mysterio trade blows on the apron until Dominik gets the better of him and eliminates Ziggler.

There are seven men left in the ring now: Dominik, Jeff Hardy, Apollo Crews, Elias, Shinsuke Nakamura, Chad Gable, and The Miz. Nakamura takes out Crews. Hardy takes out Nakamura and then Elias. That leaves Dominik, Hardy, Gable, and Miz as the final four.

That doesn't last long as Gable eliminates Hardy. Dominik tries to eliminate Miz, who is lying on the apron, but as Dominik bounces off the opposite ropes to dropkick him out, Miz rolls inside the ropes for a second, so when he's seemingly knocked down, he's not officially eliminated. Dominik and Gable fight now, and Dominik hits the 619 and tosses Gable out.

Of course, no bell rings. Miz jumps in and tosses Dominik. Fake boos come from the fake crowd. Miz is the winner, and it's 1-0 Raw. After the match, Baron Corbin accosts Kevin Owens backstage and accuses him of not having his heart in this. Owens leaves, and Billie Kay shows up and does a bad comedy skit with Corbin, the point of which went over my head, I guess.

The PPV's main card will be starting soon, so check back shortly for the results of the next match.

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