A New New Warriors For Marvel Now Two?


From today's issue of Nova. Ex-members of the New Warriors, Justice and Speedball, knocking back a burger and a beer Pepsi.

Of late, there have been a few interesting goings-on at Marvel that it is tempting to join the dots. Engage in some mindless speculation. Take the cancellation of Avengers Arena, with the idea of it being replaced by something new. There are rumours that Young Avengers may be joining the Marvel Now Two relaunches. And with Astonishing X-Men also going away, there is word that a new young cross-Marvel continuity team may be in the works. Could it be New Warriors? Could Captain Marvel head them up? Could it be something completely different? There are those Tales To Astonish and Tales Of Suspense trademarks still going wanting as well.

And could it begin with today's Nova?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, currently exhibiting the Dead Cats work of Christian Ward.





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