The Next PS4 Firmware Update Will Add 1080p 60FPS Streaming Support

Details about PlayStation 4's upcoming firmware update 5.0 have surfaced, and they reveal that 1080p 60fps streaming support is on the way for PS4 Pro users. The support is intended to help Twitch streamers on the console, but appears to work for any form of streaming – including through PlayStation Share, which is the console's internal streaming service.

According to Eurogamer, who appears to have acquired a copy of update 5.0's patch  notes, the update also adds the ability to follow any user account without needing to send a friend request or max out your friends list first. According to the update notes, Sony is doing this to "encourage more sharing of content and more interactions" among players and "boost the viral potential of UGC" for developers. Which would definitely help players use PS Share, as it currently requires you to be friends with the streamer before being able to access the stream. Granted, that service is never going to beat Twitch at their own game, but it looks like Sony is at least trying to make it more manageable.

PS4 gamers will also gain the ability to block users in addition to the option to choose whether or not they want anyone or just existing friends to be able to follow their account. So there's some increased security features on the way as well, which are much needed features considering the current state of consoles. Your PSN account or XBox Gamertag are more like social media accounts now than they ever were, and the ability to block people is something all social media desperately requires.

Other supposed additions in update 5.0 include expanded account management options, with new family accounts that can feature multiple adult accounts, as well as updates to system notifications, making them visible from the Quick Menu.

According to Eurogamer, Sony plans to launch the new firmware update alongside a revamped PlayStation App in the not too distant future. So, I'm sure we'll be hearing about the update from Sony directly in a few weeks.

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