Artist Ron Garney Returns To Daredevil With #595 To #600

Writer Charles Soule has been talking about Daredevil and the Mayor Fisk story at New York Comic Con.

Recognising a legacy of incredible creators, he wanted to leave his stamp on the title as well — which is why he decided to focus on Daredevil's rivalry with Wilson Fisk, AKA the Kingpin, and how they both see themselves as the protectors of New York. He wants it to be his Born Again.

It begins, Page 1, with Fisk as mayor. He has won. And the Mayor of NYC is the second most powerful politician in the country — he can do whatever he wants with this power. And when he goes to the DA, they say Fisk has ordered lawsuits against all costumed heroes.

And classic Daredevil artist Ron Garney is back on Daredevil for #598-600. Charles may have let that slip a little too soon. Editors Nick Lowe and Tom Brevoort gave him the devil's eye!

This is all coming out of Marvel's adjunct to Diamond's Retailer Breakfast ahead of New York Comic Con, happening today. You can catch up with any other Retailer Breakfast announcements here.

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