Christine Marie

The first issue of Snotgirl took me by surprise. I surrendered myself to the girly content, knowing that the comic was honest with it's intent. Towards the later half of the first issue, I realized that Snotgirl was much more than just a comic about a fashion blogger. This week brings the release of Snotgirl #2, from Image comics, written by […]

With every new issue of I Hate Fairyland comes a new reason to put this comic at the top of your pull list. From Image Comics, written and illustrated by the massively talented Skottie Young, I Hate Fairyland #8 hit shelves today and knocked my socks off. [WARNING: SPOILERS FOR I HATE FAIRYLAND BELOW!] After not knowing whether or not […]

This week brings the first issue of BOOM! Box latest series entitled The Backstagers. Three cheers for BOOM! Studios as they release what I'm sure will be another successful series. If you're looking for a reason to grab the first issue, here are three… One: The Backstagers has being described as an all-male Lumberjanes, with the same diverse […]

Remembering The Dark Swan: Once Upon A Time Season 5 Box Set Releases Today

The time is drawing near Oncers! Soon a new season of Once Upon a Time will be upon us. However, there's no time like the present to re-watch the fifth season of the hit ABC show. Today brings the release of the complete 5th season on DVD/Blu-Ray. Entertainment Weekly featured an exclusive deleted scene on their website […]

Pre-Order This Snorlax Pillow In Honor Of National Relaxation Day

It's National Relaxation Day today, and while most of us just don't have time for that, there are a few things that you can do to make the start of the new week a bit easier. When I think of relaxation, I think of comfortable pillows. Because I've had Pokemon on the brain thanks to their […]

Funko Announces A New Kind Of Hero…Pint Size!

Funko is at it again! Today the dynamite collectible company announced their new line entitled, "Pint Size Heroes." They're one part POP! Vinyl and one part Dorbz shrunk down to a 1.5" size. In true Funko fashion, they're not only giving us one series to pine over but three, which will release over the next […]

I finally sat down this morning to indulge in some quality Hearthstone time. Anticipating the release of their new event One Night in Karazhan, I was ready for action. With this being the first real Hearthstone event that I've ever participated in, I was even more excited than most, I'm sure. The sight of this invitation brought a smile to my […]

A New Arc For Lumberjanes This Week With Issue #29

Lumberjanes is one of those comics that has changed the comic book world forever. The positive spirit that flows throughout each issue is something that I will forever support. This Wednesday, the girls are entering a new story ARC, one that might stir the drama up at Miss Quinzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for Hardcore Lady […]

The Geek Shopping Ninja Strikes: Think Geek's 17th Anniversary Bash

Yes, The Geek Shopping Ninja has been gone for a while, but I'm back to tell you about something I wish I stumbled upon earlier. Geek-centric website Think Geek is celebrating their 17th Anniversary, and you have less than a day to get in on the action. By action, I mean 40-60% off action. It ends tonight […]

Blind Boxes I'd Actually Buy: BFF's Love Hurts By Travis Cain

It's not often that I encounter two collections of blind boxes in such a short span of time that I find myself actually willing to spend money on. However, it happened this week. First it was Kidrobot's Crayola Zipper Pulls and now it's the BFF's Love Hurts series by Travis Cain. I absolutely adore the […]

Tabletops To Watch: 20 Days Left To Participate In Darwin's Dice Kickstarter

I'm always on the lookout for new tabletop games to play, often ones that are fast-paced and easy to start playing. Don't get me wrong, I love a hefty instruction booklet from time to time, but most days it's nice to play something straight forward. I was initially drawn to this new Kickstarter by the […]

A few days ago multi-talented creator Skottie Young turned to Twitter to tell fans that he was working on Image Comics, I Hate Fairyland #10.  The initial tweet opened up the conversation to more news on what's coming up for the hilarious anti-fairytale adventure, including a cool variant cover that I would surely hang on my wall. But did you […]

Blind Boxes I'd Actually Buy: Crayola X Kidrobot Zipper Pulls

There are certain things in life that will always jog your memory, bring you back to a happy place. For me, the colors of the Crayola brand are one of them. Who doesn't have happy memories sitting on their living room floor coloring? I know I do, and now that the adult coloring book craze […]

Hasbro Enters The Role Play Market…Look I'm Captain America!

Jeremy Konrad writes, I have always wanted a Captain America shield. Ever since I was a kid, buying my very first comic, Captain America # 381, and seeing Steve Rogers stand heroically on the cover, throwing the shield through the air, holding it up in triumph; It has called to me. Since the MCU started […]