"The Next Revolutionary Technology Lies Behind A Question That Nobody Has Asked" Impossible Science On Comic-Con HQ

Janel Smith writes,

The new Comic-Con HQ channel is launching the series Impossible Science, which aims to explore how science fiction's greatest creations of science and technology have become science fact. Jason Latimer, an acclaimed magician turned applied scientist is on a mission to bring science and curiosity to the masses with the Impossible Science Initiative. This Word Champion of Magic will use his mastery of illusion to show us the fantastical feats of science that we are used to seeing and reading and then introduce us to the scientists that are making them happen in reality.

Science enthusiast are encouraged to reach out and suggest subjects that they would like to have covered on the show which will premier August 4th on Comic-Con HQ. Some of the impossible things you will get to see made possible are Ekso Bionics using bionic suits to help people with spinal cord injuries walk again, Artificial Intelligence, high speed travel, and optical cloaking to name a few.

Latimer states that "The next cure and the next revolutionary technology lies behind a question that nobody has asked;" which is basically the crux of his show, getting people to start to ask what is impossible and working toward making it possible. Science fiction is a great framework to work this premise around as it has given us so much seemingly impossible technology, many of which have already been made reality by scientist.

If you happen to be in the San Diego area on August 20th and 21st, the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center where Latimer is the Curator of Impossible Science will be having their the Impossible Science Festival.

Be sure to follow Jason on all of your social media to get engaged and see all of the wonderful things that science can make possible.

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