The SML Podcast – Interviews With Heavy Iron Studios And Metalhead Software!

By Joe Cammisa



Monday night is here and it's time for The SML Podcast here on Bleeding Cool!

Two more episodes tonight to light up your Monday and it's interviews all the way, a one on one episode as well as a three on three! It's insane!

Episode 131 sees Joe talking one on one with Matthew Seymour of Heavy Iron Studios about the company's past, present, and future. Included in discussion is their newest release Fat City, past titles like their SpongeBob titles and Disney Infinity, as well as Matthew's own past working on games like Top Spin and Amped 3!

Check out the mp3 of the show here or check out the YouTube version!


Episode 132 is the full crew of Joe, Kris, and Pappy talking with Scott, Christian, and Dan from Metalhead Software about their game Super Mega Baseball! We talk about the five year journey to develop the title, working on the music and voice acting, and how good the animation is when you peg somebody in the face!

This week's Featured Games are… Laserlife, a trippy twin stick rhythm games from Choice Provisions. Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX from EnjoyUp Games which will have you thinking back to the days of Ivan Stewart Super Off-Road. Crimsonland, a twin stick zombie massacre fest from 10tons Ltd. Briquid from Game Troopers for the Windows Phone which will have you turning your phone in all directions to get the water where it's gotta be.

We also go over Rock Band 4, Wasteland 2: Director's Cut, Ninja Pizza Girl, emails from the listeners, free game codes from Mobot Studios Inc (which are may already be gone) and so much more. Plus Parasite Eve remixes to end it all!

Check out the mp3 of that show here or check out the YouTube Version!

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Thanks for checking us out and we'll see you next week!

Joe Cammisa is an unemployed nerd who spends his time gaming, once again hosting The SML Podcast, and sharing pictures of his five cats on Facebook. Yeah, five. You can annoy him on Twitter [] or on pretty much any gaming service under the name JoeCamNet.

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