Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2, Episode 12 Recap: aka Pray for My Patsy

This article contains spoilers for Marvel's Jessica Jones season two episode – aka Pray for My Patsy.






aka Pray for My Patsy
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Another very dense episode with lots of things happening and the story bouncing all over the place. We start with Trish (Rachael Taylor) in the hospital and the doctors really have no idea what is happening with her or how she's even alive. She is in a coma and having little tremor like seizures occasionally. They can only wait to see if she comes out of it. Dorothy (Rebecca De Mornay) and Jessica (Krysten Ritter). Dorothy tries to be nice to Jessica and tells her she's not to blame. That Patsy (what she calls Trish) is obstinate and would always do what she wanted. Detective Costa (John Ventimiglia) calls telling her Alisa (Janet McTeer) got out. She meets him and Detective Sunday (Lisa Tharps) at her office for any info she has. Jessica tries to help the cops, gives them the journal Karl (Callum Keith Rennie) left behind and figures that her mom would go after Trish.

Alisa escaped quietly, which isn't how it looked at the end of last episode, getting out in a laundry truck. She breaks out of the truck and grabs some clothes. She walks around New York, trying to stay calm and finds posters for Trish Talk. She goes to the radio station and sees a blond recording a segment with a violinist. She throws the producer through a window, but stops when she sees it's not Trish. She bails and goes to the hotel where she cries into Karl's shirt until she sees Dorothy on air talking about how Patsy/Trish isn't in rehab, that she's in the hospital because a quack surgeon performed a procedure that left her in intensive care. This tells Alisa where Trish is.

Jessica is riding with the cops when they hear about the attack at the station. The car gets stuck in traffic, so she kicks out the back door and runs to the hospital, arriving just as Alisa climbs in through the window. She tries to get Alisa to stop, but they fight and Alisa chokes Trish with Jessica's arm. Jessica gets away, Trish goes flying out of the bed and Jessica lays over her, begging for Alisa to stop. This snaps Alisa out of it, calms her down but the cops burst in. She tries for the window but Sunday shoots her in the leg. She moves in to cuff her, and Alisa grabs the detective as a shield. Sunday tells Costa to shoot. He hesitates. Alisa pulls them both out the window. Sunday is splattered dead on the pavement while Alisa has gotten up and ran away.

Jeri (Carrie-Annie Moss) call around to all the pawnshops trying to find her stuff. She didn't file a police report. One of the shops calls her back when she get a bag on the list. Jeri goes down there and buys Shane's address and her stuff from the pawnshop for $30,000.00. She then calls Turk (Rob Morgan), who delivers her a clean gun in exchange for future legal services. Jeri then goes and stakes out Shane (Eden Marryshow) and waits for Inez (Leah Green). One Inez shows up, she wants to talk and gets her to sit in the car. She wants to know why Inez slept with her. It wasn't part of the plan and the fact that someone like Jeri wanted her felt good. Jeri warns her about Shane and how he's using her. That he has other girlfriends and was building up a nest egg. Shows her a file full of letters he wrote to other women. She gets Inez furious, and read to confront Shane. She then gives Inez the clean gun for her own protection. Inez goes in the house and confronts Shane. Jeri waits in the car until the argument gets out of hand and Inez shoots Shane. Jeri looks at the folder, no letters, just the list of pawnshops. She then calls the cops to report a shooting. This is the cold, methodical Jeryn Hogarth again.

Jessica goes to the morgue where they are now keeping Trish for her safety. Dorothy completely blames Jessica now that she knows Alisa is her mother. Costa tells Jessica that he wants a statement and then she is going to stay out of it. And that the cops are going to shoot Alisa on sight after she killed Sunday. Cops will be following Jessica until it's over. She visits Trish who wakes up and the two start to argue again about wanting powers and wasting powers. Alisa calls Jessica and wants to meet to talk. Trish offers her apartment. Jessica sets the meeting and hangs up. Trish tells her that she has to take Alisa out, that people aren't save with her around. That Simpson's stuff is in the closet and she should use it to kill Alisa. Jessica loses the cops by going out a window then hiding in a body bag in the back of a mortuary van. She has the guy drop her at the apartment.

Trish wakes again to find Dorothy, but she doesn't feel well. Says she thinks she's going to die then goes into a full on seizure as the medical staff rushes in.

Jessica arrives at the apartment, finds Simpson's stuff and grabs a gun. When Alisa arrives, she holds the gun on her and gives her the option to either go to the Raft or one of them is going to die that night. Alisa tells Jessica to shoot her, because she's not going to the Raft and she'd rather it be her daughter that killed her. Jessica hesitates and closes her eyes for a second. Alisa is across the room, grabs the gun and knocks Jessica out. She puts her into a stolen RV and their driving out of the city with Jessica unconscious on the couch as the episode ends.

It was great to see Turk make an appearance and to see Jeri act like Jeri again. That was some seriously cold and manipulative stuff. Even in her near death state, Trish is still angry that she doesn't have powers. That is some serious issues there. The series has done an excellent job of building up to the finale. Probably better than any of the previous Marvel/Netflix series that always seem to have a couple filler episodes to get to thirteen. This is the first one to feel like a legitimate thirteen episodes of the main story, which is amazing since the early episodes seemed to be rushing fast. I am eagerly looking forward to the finale which I'll be starting right now.

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