Batman Returns to His Roots in New Eaglemoss Statues

Batman has seen many generations over his year since his debut in 1939 during Detective Comics #27. Most superheroes have had drastic costume alterations since their debuts and Batman is no different. With Batman's 80th Anniversary last year, it is not surprising the dark knight is still under the spotlight and Eaglemoss is here to show him off. This time they are bringing the decades of Batman back to life with new statues. Each statue represents each generation of the dark knight from his first appearance to his most modern generation outfit in 2010. This time we are covering Batman costumes from 1940, 1950, and 1960. His first appearance is a nice slick outfit that features him in a simple pose with his arms crossed. This costume just screams first appearance from the odd cowl, the darker cape, and the stylish purple gloves. Next, we get the 1950's costume that shows a happier Batman and the more iconic blue and light gray colors. The last Eaglemoss Batman costume is from the 1960s where gets that iconic yellow trim around the bat symbol and this time he is posed in a running motion.

Each Batman Decades Eaglemoss statue is priced at $24.99. They will all come with a collectible magazine and they would all look great alongside any Batman comic from that year. More statues will be shown here on Bleeding Cool so stay tuned Batfans. Pre-orders for the 1940s costume is here, the 1950s costume here, and the 1960s costume here.

I am Vengeance.

Credit: Eaglemoss

1940s Decades Collection

Get ready to travel back in 1940s to meet the Dark Knight and discover his origins from our brand new mini-series collection Batman Decades Figurines Collection! First introduced in Detective Comics #27, Batman became one of the signature characters in the world of comic books. Creator and cartoonist Bob Kane drew his inspiration from variety of things including Leonardo da Vinci's ornithopter designs and expressionistic cinema. This Batman 1940s figurine was inspired by his earliest appearance and represents the quintessential Dark Knight. He is wearing a classic grey suit, yellow utility belt, black cowl, and cape that imitates a shape of bat wings. It seems that the Dark Knight stands atop a Gotham City rooftop as if maintaining a lonely vigil, cloaked in darkness.

Credit: Eaglemoss

1950s Decades Collection Figure 

A new era brought a new Batman, 1950s alteration of the Caped Crusader continues exploring his history in our all new Batman Decades Figurines Collection! As Batman entered his second decade of publishing, the Batman of the 1950s was a reassuring figure and a fighter for justice. New artists such as Sheldon Moldoff and Dick Sprang joined Bob Kane and helped to give a new look to the superhero. At the same time the world of the Dark Knight was changed from crime-noir thrillers to a more futuristic fantastical adventures. This Batman Golden Age 1950s Figurine was inspired by his appearance in Detective Comics in 1950s. He is wearing a classic grey suit, yellow utility belt, bright blue high boots, gloves, cowl and cape. His appearance reflects the era introducing a friendly and smiling law-enforsement officer.

Credit: Eaglemoss

1960s Decades Collection Figure

The Batman of the 1960s raced towards the future with a determination to be a part of our all-new Batman Decades Figurines Collection! The 1960s saw Batman returning to his dark, dramatic roots and more down-to-earth crimes. Carmine Infantino redesigned the costume of the Dark Knight making it more realistic than before and introduced now-iconic insignia. First seen in World's Finest #141, Batmans logo was placed in a yellow oval on his chest. This Batman Silver Age 1960s Figurine was inspired by Caped Crusader's appearance in Detective Comics #327. He is wearing a classic grey tight-fitting bodysuit with black briefs, yellow utility belt, bright blue high boots, gloves, cowl and cape. He is rushing to solve the crimes and save Gotham from danger!

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