WWE Legends Have Arrived and Come to Life with Eaglemoss

WWE has fans from every generation out there. The ongoing stories and thrills keep fans old and new still involved in the franchise. Some of the best parts of the WWE now is when the legends return for the show. Of course, a lot of these classic wrestlers have gotten a lot older now but […]


Crimes of Grindelwald Arrives at Eaglemoss with New Statues

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald finally showed fan a younger Albus Dumbledore as well as new baddies in the world of Harry Potter. Eaglemoss has already shown us a couple of these statues from Fantastic Beast and it looks like more are on the way. This time we are still staying in The Crimes […]


"Fantastic Beasts" Get a New Set of Magical Statues from Eaglemoss

Fantastic Beasts has been a wild ride since its debut and the closing of the Harry Potter story. It showed us an older world of the wizarding community and a huge new line up of characters. With the most recent film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald bringing even more characters to life, Eaglemoss is […]


WWE The New Day Makes an Entrance with Statues from Eaglemoss

WWE fans can prepare their collections as Eaglemoss is really bringing the heat with a huge line up of wrestling statues. These statues cover a wide variety of modern wrestlers and wrestling legends. This time we are taking a look at a modern wrestling group, The New Day. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E […]


Harry Potter Magical Beast Come to Life with Eaglemoss 

Some of the best aspects of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the mythical realm outside of the school's walls. Over the course of the 8 films, we already treated to a huge cast of mythical beasts like the Troll, Cerberus, Unicorn, and so much more. Eaglemoss is bringing some of those mythical animals […]


90's Batman and More are Back with Eaglemoss Statues

The Batman decades statues continue to release from Eaglemoss as we start in the 70s and end in the 90s. We have already seen statues from 1940, 1950, and 1960 and you can find them located here. In 1970, we continue to stay in the world of the blue, grey, and yellow trimmed design of […]


Batman Returns to His Roots in New Eaglemoss Statues

Batman has seen many generations over his year since his debut in 1939 during Detective Comics #27. Most superheroes have had drastic costume alterations since their debuts and Batman is no different. With Batman's 80th Anniversary last year, it is not surprising the dark knight is still under the spotlight and Eaglemoss is here to show […]

“Star Trek” United Space Ships Come to Life with Eaglemoss

"Star Trek" Alien Ships From Eaglemoss Have Landed 

The U.S.S. Enterprise is not the only popular ship in the Star Trek universe and Eaglemoss is here to prove that. We have already seen a couple of new United Space Ships get their own models from Eaglemoss but this time its time for some alien ships. There are three new ships getting models and each […]

“Star Trek” United Space Ships Come to Life with Eaglemoss

"Star Trek" United Space Ships Come to Life with Eaglemoss

Star Trek has easily opened our minds and imaginations of what it would be like if space travel existed. The show has expanded over many generations but no matter what generation you talk to they know the U.S.S Enterprise. This iconic ship has been the center of most Star Trek adventures and Eaglemoss knows that. They […]

“Battlestar Galactica” Ships Get Collectible Statues from Eaglemoss

"Battlestar Galactica" Ships Get Collectible Statues from Eaglemoss

Battlestar Galactica fans are intense and I think Eaglemoss has just delivered some great collectible perfect for them. To show off their intensive knowledge of that world it looks like a massive release of replica ships is coming out. Each ship tells a story and can enhance any fans collection by lightyears. Six ships are all […]

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Sonic The Hedgehog Figurine Collection From Eaglemoss Goes Retro

Remember when they first released the new Sonic The Hedgehog film trailer last year and everybody started calling for classic Sonic the Hedgehog rather than the strange redesign we originally got? The producers were obviously listening (and came back with a new trailer) but it seems the folks at Hero Collector were listening as well […]

New Rick And Morty Magazine and Figurines Launch From Eaglemoss in 2020

Hero Collector, Eaglemoss' imprint for genre collectables, is launching a new magazine-and-figurine collection based on Rick and Morty, the fourth season of which is out now in the US and which comes to the UK from November 20th on E4. The following will be available direct from Eaglemoss or through comic book stores via Diamond Comic […]

Doctor Who Shirts Now Available From Hero Collector

Doctor Who Shirts Now Available From Hero Collector

Doctor Who fans can get their swag on with a new line of shirts from Hero Collector. The shirts feature characters and such from all 60 years of Who history, all in a Chibi style that makes each one unique and adorable. There are six designs in all, and all are available in four colors. […]

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Build Your Own Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Thanks to Hero Collector Eaglemoss

Ghostbusters fans and collectors: this is your moment. Hero Collector Eaglemoss have a new 1:8 cale model coming for you to build, the iconic Ecto-1. This is like their Star Wars Millennium Falcon vehicle, meaning that it is subscription-based and will see you regularly sent parts and pieces to build the entire thing from the […]

Classic Battlestar Galactica to Join Eaglemoss's Fleet of High-Grade Collectibles

Both versions of the Battlestar Galactica, the original 1978 as well as the re-imagined 2003 are easily among the most recognizable spacecraft designs in cinematic (and television) history. The Big G has her place alongside the Millennium Falcon and the Enterprise. Now Eaglemoss has announced that the original design from the '78 series will be […]

Eaglemoss Celebrates NYTF with New Star Trek, Harry Potter Statues

In celebration of this weekend's New York Toy Fair being held at the Javit's Center, Eaglemoss has announced a new round of figure and spaceships available for pre-order from their website. Ranging from the classic era of Star Trek films to their latest series, and from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Battlestar Galactica, […]