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Flintstones Statues Up For Preorder From Iron Studios
Flintstones is the subject of a new line of detailed statues from Iron Studios All of the characters you know and love- Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty, Dino, Pebbles, and Bam Bam are all featured, as each statue is in the 1/10 scale and made of polystone and are hand painted Each character is seperate, except[...]
Comic Store In Your Future: 11 Years of learning
Comics, cards, action figures, statues, and more are collectibles that we sell.  What have I learned after over eleven years of owning a comic and gaming store? A lot Even after all this time, I am still learning.  I am always learning to be humble Last year with covid I dreaded this year[...]
Even More About Statues in The Daily LITG 16th June 2020
Which right now seems to be discussing Emma Frost statues I know, who would have thought people would get so defensive of statues right now But they were equally concerned about Harley Quinn statues a year ago too Welcome all, to the daily Lying In The Gutters, a long-running run around the day before and[...]
lucius malfoy
Eaglemoss is bringing light to some of those characters with a new set of statues There will be four villains coming in this wave of statues with a majority of them being from the Malfoy family First up is Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets during the dueling scene He also[...]
becky lynch
These statues are fairly cheap for collectibles so you can't beat the detail for the value You will also get a WWE Collector Magazine with each statue that will showcase their career and go deeper into the WWE Organization. Each statue is priced at $19.99 and pre-orders are all already love You will find Asuka here,[...]
Eaglemoss wants yo bring back some memories with a nice line up of some of there newest statues This set of statues features a nice set up of WWE Legends like Triple H, Macho Man, Kurt Angle, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels Each one is affordably priced at $19.99 and will come with a[...]
This time they are bringing the decades of Batman back to life with new statues Each statue represents each generation of the dark knight from his first appearance to his most modern generation outfit in 2010 This time we are covering Batman costumes from 1940, 1950, and 1960 His first appearance is a nice slick[...]
More statues continue to be announced by Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd and time we are looking at a galaxy far, far away with new Star Wars collectibles Only two statues have been announced in their wave man and man they are something else The first Star Wars statue is from The Mandalorian as our[...]
It is that time when Diamond Select Toys drops a massive wave of upcoming new statues We have already seen some amazing pieces from Marvel and DC Comics statues This time were are getting a little miscellaneous with this wave covering various statues from Godzilla, Avatar the Last Airbender, Mortal Kombat, and the new Sonic film[...]
“World of Warcraft” Comes to Life with Beast Kingdom Statues
Beast Kingdom is going just that with two special World of Warcraft statues that are calling fans names Sylvanas and Jaina are here and powered up with these colorful statues that showcase the character and then a little extra dynamic flair The added background effects on these World of Warcraft statues give each one that extra power[...]
Iron Man and Captain America Get Minico Statues with Iron Studios
These statues are unique pieces that any fan could add to their collection and would look nice in front of any retrospective comic. Both Iron Man and Captain America Minico Statues from Iron Studios are priced at $34.99 Pre-orders are already up and you can find Cap here and Iron Man here Don't forget to check[...]
Poison Ivy and Friends Get New Statues from DC Collectibles
Three new statues are headed our way featuring Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and of course Harley Quinn Each one is limited to only 5000 pieces just like most DC Collectibles pieces First up, the beautiful and eco-friendly Batman villain Poison Ivy She is posed blowing a kiss at the viewer and the color and design are[...]
“My Hero Academia” Students are Ready For Class with Good Smile
It looks like new Pop Up Parade statues are in the works featuring Class 1A in their school uniforms It looks like four figures are coming soon with Izuku, Bakugo, Ochaco, and Todoroki coming first Izuku and Bakugo are the only ones we get to see a fully painted style of but they are something[...]
Looney Tunes Get Anatomical with New Mighty Jaxx Statues
Mighty Jaxx is stepping it up a notch and ready to go more than skin deep with their newest statues These anatomic statues showcase not just for favorite Looney Tunes but what their bone structure would be like Two Looney Tunes are coming out as Marvin the Martian and Tweeter Bird are here for your[...]
“Okami” Gets Divine with Her New First 4 Figures Statues
First 4 Figure is not releasing just one but three Ammy Okami statues that are perfect for any fan The first one is the standard that shows off her as if she was descending from the Celestial Plain The detailed base shows smoke as if would if she was running The Exclusive First 4 Figures[...]
Marvel Expands its Universe with New Statues from Diamond Select Toys 
Marvel Animated Doctor Strange Statue  By the Vishanti! Doctor Strange wields an adorable axe and casts a super-cute spell in this, the animated-style statue from the Marvel line! Based on the variant cover artwork of Marvel Comics, this approximately 5-inch tall statue comes packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Credit: Diamond Select Toys The[...]
Iron Studios Has Acquired a New License for 2020
Their statues are top of the line, show incredible detail and more often than not have a lot of dioramas Mortal Kombat battle diorama statues would be quite amazing to see Our favorite fights going head to head in remarkable detail would be like the game is coming to life in front of our eyes[...]
New Marvel Heroes Statues are Coming Soon from Diamond Select
If you didn't know Diamond Select Toys creates some of the best statues around that don't break the bank They are filled with detail and are of high quality and would expect a higher price tag for what they offer Our first statue release will please 90s fans a Jean Grey from X-Men: The Animated[...]
DC Collectibles Feb Collage
Lines start and stop without warning, quality control has always been an issues from the above mentioned figure problems to their statues breaking in transit They always played second fiddle to Mattel in the 5-7 inch figure realm, especially during the height of the DC Universe Classics line With Mattel possibly out of the way[...]
Sonic the Hedgehog Toy License Heads to Diamond Select Toys
Gallery PVC dioramas are approximately 9-inch scale sculpted statues, made of PVC for its durability and lower price point Vinimates are posed, 4-inch block-style figures, and Minimates are 2-inch, fully poseable block figures that recently celebrated their 15th anniversary. Sonic the Hedgehog is moving to Diamond Diamond Select Toys has revealed ahead of this weekend's[...]
A Retailer Screams At USA Today Reveal Of Suicide Squad Statues
Coming right off the new Suicide Squad trailer, USA Today has run the first look at these Suicide Squad statues, that were solicited unseen in last month's Diamond Previews catalogues. One retailer (guess who) isn't happy Dennis Barger of Quickstop Comics and Wonderworld Comics is kicking off… Way to go DC, way to go!!! Yay!!! You finally[...]
In The Light Of The High Moon, They Turn To Stone…
Shot at NYCC this past week, these are upcoming statues from Shadowbox Toys from David Gallaher and Steve Ellis' High Moon comic book – which indicate not only that the wereworlf western comic is getting a statue line, but also that we may be getting more of the comic book in 2016 as well…. [...]
Up Close Look At Red Sonja And Vampirella Statues From Sideshow And Dynamite
But in this case, the following video was shot by an attendee of SDCC and focuses on Sideshow Collectibles upcoming statues based on the Dynamite Entertainment character Red Sonja and Vampirella The video really gets in and highlights the amazing details on these two pieces The video is done by Youtube user emarae who seems[...]
SDCC '15: DC Collectibles Reveal New Action Figures And Statues
It also includes figures for Arrow, The Flash and Batman: Arkham Knight and three statues from Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] DC Collectibles has released two videos today The first showcases their new products while the second is a commercial for their Batman: The Animated Series figures[...]
Win A Collection Of DC Statues And Figures
You can see images of all of these sweet figures and statues above But if you'd like to enter to win, you'll have to click here. Just make sure you hurry This sweepstakes ends at 9:59 a.m PST on February 6, 2015! For more information, click here. I like free stuff… I'm assuming you like free stuff[...]