Bane is Ready to Break Gotham With New Sideshow Statue

Sideshow Collectibles have announced that the mighty Bane is back in Gotham with their newest Maquette. Batman's nemesis will stand roughly 26" tall and will be placed on a diorama base. Despite his design, Bane will not feature any fabric elements and will be beautifully sculpted. The tubes on Banes back really pop here and show off that iconic green glow that DC Comics fans are used to by now. Sideshow Collectibles is also offering an exclusive version that brings his classic comic book mask back. With the bigger red eyes and the slicker design will be quite liked by many DC Comics and Batman fans.

Bane is easily one of Batman's greatest enemies outside of the Joker. After all, he was the one villain to actually put Batman out of commission for quite some time during the comics. This statue is defiantly a collector's dream, and the high amounts of detail and sculpting perfect will make this an excellent piece for any fan. The DC Comics Bane Maquette from Sideshow Collectibles is set to release between May and July 2021. The Standard edition is priced at $645, while the Sideshow Exclusive comes in at $660. Pre-orders for both are already live, and fans can find them located here.

"Sideshow presents the Bane Maquette, breaking his way into the lineup of DC Comics collectibles. The Bane Maquette measures 26" tall standing on the debris of a damaged Batmobile, with one wheel removed and its front bumper peeled apart. Eager for a real challenge, the ruthless King of Peña Duro cracks his bloodied knuckles in anticipation of a battle against Batman while fueled by the Venom drug in his veins."

"The polyresin Bane Maquette features an entirely sculpted costume and an incredibly muscular physique inspired by his appearance in DC Comics. He wears a black wrestling uniform, scuffed and bloodstained at the knees. Additionally, Bane has textured lace-up boots, a pair of black gloves, and a silver belt holding the tank of Venom, which is pumped into the villain via the vibrant green tubes attached to his neck, head, and left wrist. Every inch of the Man Who Broke the Bat exudes intimidating strength, his massive form detailed down to the rippling veins in his arms."

"The Exclusive Edition of the Bane Maquette includes a swap-out classic mask portrait that features larger red eyes and an alternate white design. Give Batman's most brutal baddie a different style with this exclusive display option. Gotham's got a new king! Bring home the Bane Maquette to tower over your Batman collection today."

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