Cable is Back from the Future with New EAA from Beast Kingdom

Cable has returned and ready to assist the X-Men and Deadpool with his newest figure. Coming out of Beast Kingdom is a new Egg Attack Action figure that is back and ready for action. The figure is packed with detail and a must-have for any fan of the time-traveling mutant. Some of the features this figure includes are:

  • Two head sculpts with a light-up left eye
  • Real fabric cloth used with suit and cape
  • Laser Rifle
  • Two Laser Pistols
  • Three interchangeable hands
  • Weapon firing effect
  • Three lightning effects
  • Display Base
  • Baby Nathan Summers for DX EAA Deadpool

The light-up eye is necessary for any true collectible of Cabel, and Beast Kingdom nailed it. With fabric suit and cape, the BK team made sure to really capture that essence if this iconic X-Men. Fans will have plenty to display his with too with his own arsenal that will stop any bad guy or Sentinel in their tracks. Cable has been making some traction back in the collectibles world lately. From a new statue with Iron Studios to a new figure from Mezco Toyz, Cable is back and ready for action. This comic version of Cable is impressive, and this figure will really pack a punch in any fans X-Men collection. The Marvel Comics X-Men Cable Egg Action Attack Figure from Beast Kingdom is priced at $79.99. He is expected to arrive at our time in March 2021, and pre-orders are already live and can be found located here. Make sure you add the Deadpool EAA figure as well to reunite this dynamic duo once again.

"If this is my last war… then I know I've found the only cause worth dying for." "Nathan Summers, AKA'Cable' is a clone derived from a future Cyclops and Jean Grey, with special powers including telepathy and telekinesis. Whilst a 'techno-organic'virus has ravaged his body, the side effects include super human strength, endurance and the ability to time-travel!"

"In addition to being a super-soldier, military expert, and mercenary, his on and off team up and friendship with Deadpool caused some serious headaches, yet with a side of giggles for the X-Men! The EAA (Egg Attack Action) series of 6-inch highly articulable action figures, under the Beast Kingdom brand reproduces the classic designs of the X-Men comic franchise with the latest EAA-097 Cable. Recreating the famous 'Earth-616'X-Men costume design, with the blue body suit, armor and cloak, with real cloth, the EAA Cable is incredibly articulable, perfect for a time traveling enthusiast! Two detailed head sculpt accurately recreates the serious yet determined look of Cable, with a light-up left eye and mechanized left arm, Cable has a seriously menacing look."

Cable is Back from the Future with New EAA from Beast Kingdom
Credit: Beast Kingdom

"A selection of his favorite weapons are also included, from his dual pistols, with included holster, to his laser rifle and firing effects, this EAA Cable is always ready for battle. Deadpool isn't left out of the party this time either. The on and off friendship is given a little fun and attention with a specially included baby carrier and baby Nathan Summers for some fun and games, and for use only with the 'EAA-065 X-Men Deadpool'. A selection of time-travelling lightning effects, and a specially designed, branded figure base with bracket tops of this set."

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